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These Cookie-Scented Candles Will Make Your Home Smell Delicious

Snickerdoodle, Christmas Cookie, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Cash Money jar candles.
The Candle Daddy/Yankee Candle/Jewelry Candle Co.

Cold weather and the holidays mean it’s time to create those cozy vibes in your home, and nothing does that faster than the smell of freshly baked cookies. The best part is, you can get that delicious, sweet aroma whether you feel like baking or not. Just grab any (or all) of these candles to fill your home with the sweet, delicious aroma of baking cookies!

Christmas Cookie Candle

The Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie candle surrounded by Christmas cookies.
Yankee Candle

Christmas lovers, gather ’round! The Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie candle is meant for anyone and everyone who smiles at the thought of Christmas baking traditions. If you want the whole house to smell like cookies all through December, just pick up one of these jar candles and instantly create those heartwarming feelings.

Yankee Candle is well-known for its enormous and impressive variety of scented candles. Just make sure you pick one up ASAP—they tend to run out of stock pretty quickly during the holiday season.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Candle

The Chocoalte Chip Cookie Cash Money Candle with $2 bills behind it and a stack of chocolate chip cookies.
Jewelry Candle Co.

If you could smell freshly baked chocolate chip cookies anytime you wanted, wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Well, with this creation from Jewelry Candles, you absolutely can. Plus, you get a cash prize at the bottom after the candle burns out, so these also make fantastic gifts.

This 21-ounce, all-natural soy jar candle features two wicks for even burning. You’re guaranteed to receive at least a $2 bill at the bottom, but you might find anything up to $100! Just prepare yourself to get really hungry whenever you burn this one.

Sugar Cookie Candle

Two Warm Sugar Cookie jar candles.
Tyler Candle Company

There are so many different cookies out there, but some people will always love the classics. If that’s you, you’ll probably adore this Warm Sugar Cookie scented candle from the Tyler Candle Company.

It’s perfect for anyone who can’t imagine December without the rich, sweet aroma of these classic treats. Fill every corner of your home with this delicious aroma while you’re relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, wrapping presents, or sipping hot cocoa by the fire with the family.

Vanilla + Sprinkles Candle

The Vanilla + Sprinkles jar candle.

The enticing scent of vanilla can awaken anyone’s sweet tooth, so get ready whenever you light this amazing candle from AROMASCAPE. Its scent will remind you of birthday cakes, cookies, muffins, and cupcakes. Before you know it, you’ll probably find yourself reaching for a mixing bowl so you can make the real thing.

This long-lasting soy candle also makes a thoughtful gift for any bakers in your life, so be sure to order a few extra to put under the tree.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Candle

Grandma's Kitchen Scents Oatmeal Raisin Scented Candle and a young girl and her grandmother eating cookies while surrounded by baking tools.
Stillwater Bath and Body

For those whose favorite cookies always include chewy raisins, you’ll absolutely love this oatmeal raisin cookie candle from Grandma’s Kitchen Scents. It’s sure to bring back all those memories from your childhood.

Oatmeal has a specific, sweet scent that’s instantly recognizable whenever someone is baking with it. Made by Stillwater Bath and Body, these candles will instantly fill your home with that recognizable, nostalgic scent.

Gingerbread Cookie Candle

A Scents of the Season Gingerbread candle and a kitchen counter with baking tools on it.
Stillwater Bath and Body

Get ready to experience the rich cinnamon and ginger aroma of those seasonal favorite, gingerbread cookies. Another offering from Stillwater Bath and Body, this candle from the Scents of the Season collection will instantly take your mind back to grandma’s freshly baked gingerbread treats.

Light one of these whenever you’re settling in for the evening. Just be prepared: you (and anyone else in your home) are likely to experience a sudden craving for gingerbread men.

Lemon Cookie Candle

Trader Joe's Lemon Cookie scented candle in a silver tin.
Trader Joe’s

This amazing candle from Trader Joe’s has a refreshing lemon-cookie scent that can work wonders on your mood, while cleansing any space in which you light it. Lemon is known for its soothing and purifying properties, so lighting one of these is a great way to eliminate any leftover dinner smells in the kitchen.

Trader Joe’s also proudly states that its candles are made without any parabens or lead, so you can rest assured you won’t be inhaling any unwanted or harmful ingredients.

Mint Chocolate Cookie Candle

The Mint Chocolate scented jar candle and a mint chocolate ice cream cone.
Bath & Body Works/Hope Phillips/Shutterstock.com

For all you mint chocolate chip aficionados out there, this candle from Bath & Body Works will satisfy your every desire. It smells just like you’d think it would, but beware: it’ll like you send you to the frozen section at the market for some mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Light this gem whenever you need to refresh your mood—it’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

Snickerdoodle Cookie Candle

The Snickerdoodle scented candle.
The Candle Daddy

For a cinnamon-scented delight, this snickerdoodle candle from The Candle Daddy will bring back memories from your girl or boy scout days. You’ll also likely find yourself reaching for that recipe book and getting creative in the kitchen.

This candle is perfect for the holidays and those cold winter nights. Just make sure you’re in the mood to bake whenever you light this one because once you catch a whiff, your tummy will demand a fresh batch of cookies.

Making your home feel cozier should definitely involve some delicious-smelling candles, and you can’t go wrong with any of these cookie-scented picks. So, awaken those childhood memories and prep your home for the holidays! You might wanna go ahead and grab that apron and mixing spoon, too.

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