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Upgrade Your Bedroom with These Fall Bedding Ideas

A woman lying on a bed and holding a mug of hot chocolate, surrounded by leaves, a scarf, and a pumpkin.

The bedroom is one of the most-used spaces in your home, and it deserves a cozy upgrade for the cooler months. Here’s how to choose the best fall bedding for your space!

Ideally, your bedroom is your sanctuary, where you think about nothing but rest and relaxation. But if 2020 has found you also using it for work, workouts, and everything in-between, the bed, at least, should still be a restful, inviting space.

Simple and affordable changes, like a new duvet cover, can instantly make your bed prettier and cozier. Plus, bedding can immediately change the look of the whole room for a quick refresh. Below are some ideas to help you choose the perfect autumnal bedclothes!

Flannel Sheets

If falls and winters get cold where you live, a set of super-cozy flannel sheets can definitely improve those chilly mornings. Plus, the texture of flannel has a classic autumnal vibe that’ll put you in the right mood for the season.

The material might be too hot for earlier fall days, but when those nighttime temps start to drop, you’ll be glad to have these!

Cotton or Jersey Sheets

If you don’t want to commit to flannel, some new sheets for fall are still a great idea. Even though you won’t see your new sheets under your blankets and pillows, they’ll feel great every time you crawl into bed.

Cotton sheets are a reliable choice, and they also work during the warmer seasons. Choose some in matte percale or silky, smooth sateen.

If you want a luxe option, try Oxford sheets, which are made of a warmer, heavier material. They grow softer with use and are designed to last. They’re pricier than the options we included above, but you also won’t have to replace them as often.

Need to stay within a tight budget? Stretchy, affordable jersey sheets are a super-soft way to make your bed cozier.

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Still cozy, but without the weight and heat of flannel.

Splashes of Color

A wooden tray with a cup of coffee on it, sitting on a bed.
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Incorporating fall colors into your bedding is an easy way to give your room a seasonal boost. Rich, earthy tones are always in style for autumn—think forest and sage green, squash yellow, or navy blue.

If you already have some color in your bedroom, you can match your bedding to something else in the room to keep it cohesive. For example, if your bedroom rug has a touch of burgundy, bedding in the same color would be gorgeous for fall. If you want to keep it more neutral, rich browns or silver-grays will also bring some autumnal vibes.

A fall-colored blanket, duvet, or pillowcases will really pop when you walk into the room. Rich-colored sheets are nice, too, but they’re mostly hidden under everything else. A blanket or cover on top of the bed is the perfect statement piece and sets the mood for the room.

For a stylish look, choose one bedding color, and then add monochrome layers in lighter or darker shades of it. Or, you can add contrast by pairing white sheets with bold- or dark-colored blankets and pillows.

Autumnal Patterns

You might not want to go all-out with Halloween-themed bedclothes (although if that’s your style, go for it!). However, there are some subtler prints with fall vibes.

Look for patterns that incorporate fall colors, like those we listed above, such as a fall-hued floral. A leaf pattern in muted tones hints at autumn without being aggressively seasonal. Plaid or buffalo checks have a chic, cabin-retreat vibe.

To keep a pattern from overwhelming the room, just ground it by coordinating some solids. For example, try adding pillowcases in a solid color that matches a patterned duvet.

It’s also possible to mix patterns in a trendy way. For example, stripes and florals with the same color palette tend to work together nicely.

Layered Textures

A sunny window seat with a throw blanket, pillows, pumpkins, and a mug of hot chocolate.

If you’re not into colors and patterns, you can still up the coziness by adding lots of different textures to your bed.

Piling on a few blankets, throws, and pillows with contrasting textures will provide both visual and tactile appeal. Try mixing textures like smooth, soft, and fuzzy. This is a great way to make a neutral or minimalist room more autumnal, but it works with bolder colors, too.


A cozy quilt is another great way to add autumnal patterns and textures to your bedroom. Just spread it over your bed or leave it folded at the foot to instantly change the vibe of the room.

Quilts do tend to look rustic, so they won’t work with every decor. However, they’re perfect for some currently trending styles, like cottagecore.


Want to get a little fancier for fall? Velvet’s lush, warm texture can make you feel like royalty—at least until you have to get up and tackle that to-do list.

A velvet duvet set might cost a bit more than an ordinary one, but it’s still not as pricey as a new headboard or area rug.

Accent Pillows and Throws

A new autumnal comforter or duvet cover will make a statement in your bedroom! If you’re looking for a more subtle visual change, though, just add an accent or two.

Accent pillows are a quick way to add a touch of color or texture. However, since they don’t have much of a purpose beyond aesthetics, they aren’t for everyone. You might not want to have to move a ton of decorative pillows out of the way every time you go to bed.

A throw blanket is a more practical way to add a hint of fall. Choose one that contrasts your existing bedding so it will really stand out. You can leave it folded at the foot of the bed when you’re not using it. Try a fun texture, like a chunky knit, or even faux fur.

With its changes in weather and routines, fall is an ideal time to pick out some new bedding. Even if you can’t afford a whole-room overhaul, a few fun and affordable upgrades will get you excited about your personal space again!

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