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10 Upscale Halloween Decor Ideas for a Chic Holiday

Candles, leaves, pumpkins, and other fall decor on a table.
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Love the aesthetics of Halloween, but don’t want your home to look like a party-supply store? No worries! There are plenty of chic, more “adult” options when it comes to Halloween decor.

The goths of decades past have all grown-up, and many of them are now making and buying Halloween decorations that don’t look a bit childish. As witchy aesthetics have become more popular, it’s easier than ever to find pretty Halloween things for your home.

Below are some of our favorite, more mature, Halloween decorating items.

Trendy Skulls

Two small ceramic skull planters with succulents.

Say goodbye to plastic skulls, and try incorporating that motif in a classier way this year. You can buy skull vases, succulent planters, candles, and so much more.

Put your office supplies in a skull glass bowl to dress up your desk for Halloween. If you opt for materials like glass, ceramic, or metal instead of plastic, your skull decor will look chic instead of cheap.

Seasonal Scents and Candleholders

A table set with seasonal decorations and a NEST Pumpkin Chai candle.

Nothing says Halloween quite like a flickering candle, especially if it fills your home with an autumnal fragrance. Several handmade, upscale candle companies offer creative, modern takes on the Halloween candle to keep things trendy.

For example, the Burke & Hare Co. has Halloween candles in pretty glass jars with scents like Haunted (spice and wood) and Howling Woods (black pepper and anise). Lorenzen Candle Co.’s scent options include Caramel Carnival, Cinnamon Chai, and Pumpkin Pie. Fragrance brand Nest’s luxury candle in Pumpkin Chai is also a seasonal classic.

If you’re fine with stronger scents, light some incense in a spicy, earthy scent, like sandalwood. The warm scent and the touch of smoke will feel very holiday-esque.

If you prefer basic, unscented pillar candles or tea lights, just get seasonal holders for them. This pretty filigree pumpkin or these autumn-gold votive holders will work with pretty much any decor.

Autumnal Flowers and Wreaths

VGIA's 18-inch fall wreath hanging on a glass door.

Flowers might remind you of summer, but some—like blood-red roses or orange-and-yellow bouquets—are beautifully suited for Halloween. Display some fresh flowers in a seasonal color, like orange or burgundy, to elevate your holiday decor. If a skull vase isn’t quite your style, a solid black one is a classy alternative.

Oh yeah, and wreaths aren’t just for grandma’s house! A fall wreath on your front door or in your home is another chic way to usher in Halloween. If you’re not a fan of orange, try a more understated option in metallics or berry-red.

Classy Pumpkins

Don’t forget the pumpkins! As an alternative to orange, white or painted pumpkins can work in any color scheme. It’s easy to make a beautiful pumpkin centerpiece for your table.

For more chic pumpkin decor ideas, check this out. If you don’t like the idea of buying pumpkins you’ll have to throw out later, pick up some beautiful artificial ones you can use year after year.

Books on Theme

The DWK Murder and Mystery Ravens on Skulls Bookends holding up two Halloween-themed books.

Books aren’t just fun to read, they can also make beautiful decor. For Halloween, try incorporating creepy books in your decorating scheme.

Any vintage tome with a dark cover (preferably made of leather) will give you the right vibe. Or, just display your beloved hardcover Harry Potter collection, a few horror classics, a selection of spell-books, or anything else that suits the season.

Try arranging them in a vignette with other items, like flowers and candles, or Halloween-inspired bookends.

Unexpected Motifs

If you’re bored with the normal silhouettes of the season, like bats and pumpkins, try a different holiday motif.

Any of the following will work:

  • Snakes: They’re subtly spooky and underused this time of year, in our opinion.
  • Moons and stars: Pretty with just a hint of witchcraft and
  • Leaves: Autumnal, but understated.

Outdoor Lighting

Two Kaixoxin Solar Lantern Lights.

Trick-or-treating might not be normal this year, but a soft glow on a porch or pathway will still make your home look welcoming and seasonal.

Forgo the light-up plastic pumpkins in favor of pretty lanterns, fairy lights, or flameless candles to make your home shine at night.

Monochrome Vibes

When in doubt, black always works for Halloween. It makes a statement, but isn’t overwhelming. Incorporate it any way you want! Throw some blankets on the couch, get some special champagne glasses, or even switch out your bedding.

If you don’t care for black, monochrome Halloween decorating in nearly any color looks lovely. Orange might feel a bit overdone, so try something unexpected, like a collection of Halloween decor in silver or rose pink.

Decorating for holidays is a fun way to celebrate. With these upscale options, your home will be sending a clear message that Halloween isn’t just for kids! So, pour some wine, grab some chocolate, and enjoy a home that reflects the season stylishly.

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