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Holiday 2020: 12 Adorable Book-Themed Gifts to Send Your Bibliophile Bestie

A woman holding a book while drinking from a colorful mug.

When you don’t get a chance to spend a lot of your time with friends, heartfelt gifts can help keep you connected. If you have some pals who love books, here are some gifts they’re sure to adore.

A “Library Book” Candle

A candle burning on a table beside books, an open notebook, and a bottle of ink.
Nostalgia Designs

Setting the mood for a cozy night curled up with a book begins with the right candle. People like a wide range of candle scents, which can make picking out a candle for a friend tricky. There’s one thing you can count on when shopping for booklovers, though—they likely love the smell of books!

Enter the Library Book candle from Nostalgia Designs. It smells like, well, books. Reviewers rave about how the subtly scented candle captures that paper-and-binding smell that gives books that distinct scent.

“Fight Evil, Read Books” Socks

A hat and socks with the slogan "Fight Evil, Read Books" on them.
Out of Print

Help your bestie keep their feet warm while enjoying great books with this pair of comfy socks. They also send a clear message (“Fight Evil, Read Books”) about the importance of reading. The design is simple, yet inspiring. Like the matching knit hat? You can get that, too.

Out of Print Fight Evil, Read Books Socks Small

These are the perfect cozy socks for your favorite passionate reader.

Choose Your Own Adventure T-Shirts

Two "Choose Your Own Adventure" book cover T-shirts.
Out of Print

For nostalgic pals who loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books, one of these awesome T-shirts that feature authentic covers from the classic series (like War With The Evil Power Master) is sure to please!

Even better, there’s a choice on the back, just like in the books! If your friend is less sci-fi and more whimsical, grab him or her a ring-collar T-shirt featuring The Magic of the Unicorn.

Out of Print Choose Your Own Adventure: The Magic of The Unicorn Women's Ringer Shirt Large

This Choose Your Own Adventure shirt is perfect for book lovers that dig the retro vibe.

A Reading Mood Throw Pillow

A large throw pillow with the text "Just one more chapter" on it.
4th Emotion

If your bestie is a snuggle-on-the-couch reader, you might already have them covered with The Raven Throw we mentioned above. If you want to add something else, give them something to lean on, while further declaring their love of reading.

Emblazoned with the phrase, “Just one more chapter,” this pillow makes it clear they’re going to be there for a while.

Just One More Chapter Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover Book Lovers Linen 18 x 18 Inch

For anyone that lives the read-a-little-more lifestyle, this pillow will look great in their reading chair.

A Book-Themed Tote Bag

Literary-themed tote bags depicting art from popular books.
Out of Print

No matter how old you are, Little Golden Books will always be classics. There’s also something whimsical about children’s book art, like the cover of Where the Wild Things Are. This is why both are perfect for a tote bag.

If your giftee prefers more adult fare, however, there are plenty of other book-based totes to choose from, like The Alchemist. You can check out the full roster here.

Out of Print The Alchemist Tote Bag

A book bag that is printed with a book cover? Perfection.

Booklover’s Mug

A mug with the spines of classic books.
Ginger Fox

Can you ever really own too many mugs? I suppose if you run out of storage space, it might be bad. Still, this Book Lover’s Mug featuring the spines of classic titles is the perfect thing to hold your bestie’s favorite beverage.

The Raven Fleece Blanket

A cozy fleece blanket featuring quotes from "The Raven" draped over a couch.

Avid readers love curling up with a good book, and having just the right throw blanket can make the experience even better. If your friend enjoys spooky stories, The Raven fleece blanket from Storiarts is the perfect gift.

A fleece blanket isn’t just for the winter. If your friend enjoys cool autumn nights on the porch with a book, this throw might become her new favorite.

First Edition Book Cover Art Print

Wall art made from the first edition covers of classic books.
Mister Arthurious/Uncommon Goods

If your friend has some spare wall space in their home library or reading room, he or she will love hanging a First Edition Book Cover Art Print on the wall. You can choose from 44 different books, including The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Othello, and Dracula.

Nothing screams “I love books” more than hanging a few book covers on the wall. Your bestie will appreciate this gift of timeless cover art.

Wooden Library Card Bookmarks

Wooden bookmarks printed to look like old library checkout cards.
Library of Congress

Every booklover needs a wide selection of bookmarks, and this set has a delightfully vintage look that pays homage to the library cards of times past. Made of wood instead of paper, your best friend will appreciate their sturdiness and durability.

These nostalgia-filled bookmarks are available via Library of Congress.

A Personalized Best Friend Book

The cover of a custom friendship book.
Book of Us

If you’re looking for an absolutely wonderful, one-of-a-kind gift for your book-loving best friend, look no further than this sweet Personalized Best Friend Book from Book Of Us. The artwork is adorable, and you get to choose what goes inside, including the aesthetics of the drawings!

Pride and Peppermint Tea

Teas inspired by books, including "Pride and Peppermint."

NovelTeas makes wonderful book-inspired teas. They make a great gift on their own or paired with a mug. There’s sure to be one in your pal’s favorite tea flavor.

From adorable “paperbacks” to collectible tea tins, the packaging is almost as great as the tea!

Coffee and a Classic Subscription Box

Three different book and coffee boxes from Coffee and a Classic.
Coffee and a Classic

Subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving, which makes this book and beverage collection perfect for a bestie who loves to read. Each month, the box includes a classic book, a drink (coffee, tea, or cocoa), and other gifts that tie in with the theme of the book.

Get your best friend signed up at Coffee and a Classic.

It’s amazing how many awesome book-related gifts there are out there! With so many options, you’re sure to find something perfect for your bestie.

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