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10 Items to Help You Organize Your Refrigerator

A woman reaching into an organized fridge.

Is your fridge a hot mess? Are you wasting space and food? These organizers will help you keep things tidy and easy to see.

A messy refrigerator isn’t just frustrating to look at, it can also lead to food waste. When the shelves are overflowing, perfectly good food gets pushed to the back. And that’s where it’ll inevitably stay, until you start searching for where that horrible smell is coming from.

These are great reasons to organize your fridge and freezer. Not only will this help you keep things cleaner and neater, but it’ll also help you find what you’re looking for faster and more efficiently. Plus, it’s just nice to open your fridge and see a bunch of neatly stacked, carefully placed items.

If you’re ready to get things in order, start by going through every shelf and drawer and tossing whatever you no longer want or anything that’s expired. Then, give everything a good cleaning so you start with a sparkling surface.

The products below will help you get everything more organized and stick to a routine of putting things back where they belong.

Seseno Refrigerator Organization Bins

Organization bins are a great place to start. This clear set by Seseno makes it really easy to glimpse what’s inside without having to move things. There are eight (four small and four large). They’re durable and food safe, and easy to stack.

We love bins like these because they make it so much easier to find what you’re looking for! Instead of moving a bunch of items to get to the back of a shelf, you just pull out a bin. They also prevent food from falling over and keep shelves cleaner.

iDesign Fridge Binz Beverage Can Organizer

If you have a lot of cans in your fridge all the time, you know that they can take up a lot of space. The iDesign Fridge Binz Beverage Can Organizer will keep them from rolling around or falling over. It holds up to eight standard-sized cans (but you can use it for anything you want).

It also has a removable lid, so you can stack other items, or even another bin on top.

Mrt Pro Fresh Produce Storage Containers

Keeping produce fresh longer is all about the way you store it. Instead of keeping it in the disposable plastic bags from the grocery store, try washing your produce, and then putting it in something like these Mrt Pro Fresh Produce Storage Containers. Made from food-grade safety material that resists stains and odors, they’ll keep your produce fresh longer.

They have adjustable vents that regulate airflow and control humidity, which prevents produce from spoiling. They can keep produce fresh for about two weeks. These containers also have a convenient, adjustable and foldable partitioned design. This allows you to keep two kinds of produce separated in one bin. They’ll also keep your fridge cleaner and more organized.

JinaMart Stackable Wine Storage Rack

Wine bottles can take up so much space in the fridge. They can also roll around and, potentially, fall out when the door is opened. Keep them looking neater with this JinaMart Stackable Wine Storage Rack. Made of durable, shatter-resistant plastic, these will keep your bottles safe and in one spot.

They’ll also work for any other bottled beverage, and you can use them anywhere you want—not just in the fridge. Set them on the counter or near your bar area if that’s where you need them.

Mokaro Lazy Susan Turntable

A lazy Susan in the fridge is a game changer. It’s perfect for your salad dressings and condiments. It’s so much easier to spin this and find what you’re looking for instead of having to dig into the back of the fridge.

This Mokaro Lazy Susan is made of nonslip silicone, so it won’t move around as you turn it. It’s also super durable and won’t rust. The high lip also prevents your items from falling over.

Mokaro Lazy Susan Turntable

To easily grab your most-used items.

Starslife Egg Holder

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your eggs in the carton, but they do look nicer in an egg holder, especially it matches the other organizers in your fridge.

This one by Starslife holds 24 eggs instead of 12, making it ideal for larger families. It’s also stackable, so you won’t lose a ton of space. Plus, it’s versatile—you can take out the egg tray and use it for anything you want.

Starslife Egg Holder

Holds up to 24 eggs.

OXO Good Grips GreenSaver Herb Keeper

Whether you buy a lot of fresh herbs or grow your own, it’s important to store them correctly so they last longer than a few days. This OXO Good Grips GreenSaver Herb Keeper helps you do just that.

Most herbs will last much longer if you place them in a small amount of water in a ventilated container. You can pour a little water in the bottom of the herb keeper, and then store your herbs upright in the basket.

It promotes air circulation, while the lid traps just a bit of humidity to keep your herbs fresh and hydrated. It’s also small enough to store in the fridge door.

Sliding Yogurt Refrigerator Organizer

Even if you think you’re making good use of all the space in your refrigerator, you’re probably missing the space on the walls. That’s where this Sliding Yogurt Refrigerator Organizer comes in. It sticks on an inner wall of your fridge and is the perfect size to hold up to four small yogurt containers.

This frees up precious shelf space and will keep your yogurts from falling over. It’s really easy to install. If you don’t want it to sit sideways, you can also attach it to the roof of your fridge or under one of the shelves.

Sliding Yogurt Refrigerator Organizer

Never waste precious shelf space on yogurt again.

Zip n Store Bag Organizer

Instead of stacking all your bagged foods, hang them with this Zip n Store Bag Organizer. It takes up less space, makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, and prevents bags from falling over and spilling everywhere.

It’s really easy to install and you can even stack other items under it. It’s perfect for bags of shredded cheese or ziplocks, and makes them so easy to grab and go.

Zip n Store Bag Organizer

Keep bags of food ready to grab and go.

Fruiteam 24 Oz. Mason Jars

Mason jars are perfect for storing certain items in your fridge. Some veggies, like carrots or asparagus, stay fresh longer if you place them upright in a small amount of water, and mason jars are perfect for this. You can also use them to store small, loose items, like beans, nuts, flour, or anything else that needs to stay cool in the fridge.

This set of eight, 24 oz. Fruiteam mason jars come with accessories and are super-versatile. They’re also taller and thinner than regular jars, making them easier to store in the fridge, especially in narrower spaces, like the door.

Fruiteam 24 Oz. Mason Jars

Will keep your fridge organized and looking neat.

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