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These Are the Top Names for Dogs in 2020

Bed of puppies

All dogs are one of a kind, but their names may not be. The top names for dogs in 2020 prove there are some definite patterns in naming.

Wisdom Panel, a DNA testing company for dogs that helps to identify dog breeds as well as their potential genetic mutations, has tested over 2 million pups since its inception, and they’ve discovered some commonalities among names. Particularly, they’ve created a list of the most popular dog names they’ve seen in their 2020 testing data.

Luna is at the top of the list with staple names like Charlie, Max, and Bear following. Altogether, the company listed 20 of the top names of the year.

But these weren’t their only discovery. In addition to dogs’ names, Wisdom Panel also looked at the most popular dog breeds from their testing results. Pulled together, this list includes both purebred dogs and mixed breeds, with the American Staffordshire Terrier as the top breed amongst their over 2 million tests.

If you want to find about more about 2020’s most popular dog names and breeds, you can head over the Wisdom Panel.


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