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TikTok ‘Gas Station Orders’ Are Taking Over the Platform

A couple sitting on the floor of a gas station eating junk food.
Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

Maybe some people eat celery and carrot sticks during their road trips, but for most of us, it’s fast food and snacks. If you’ve ever wondered what others’ “gas station orders” are, you can now find out via TikTok.

The platform is home to a multitude of food-based hacks and surprises (like that weird peanut butter-spinning hack and the delicious-looking nacho table), but now, users are sharing their eating habits as well, particularly their road trip eats. Gas station TikTok videos are popping up showcasing users eating their favorite foods from well, gas stations. There are some clear snack winners.

A quick glance at the hashtag #gasstationorder on TikTok, and you’ll find tons of users posting images fo their favorites, and it seems like chips are where it’s at. Users grab everything from Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to Taki’s to Doritos taking the salty snack to the top of the list.

@kelsssiieeeEvery time! What’s yours?? ##foryou ##gasstationorder♬ NO WHERE TO RUN by Stegosaurus Rex – morguehorde

For those who are fans of sweet treats, though, you’re not alone. Even the users who opted for salty and spicy chips grabbed everything from classic Reese’s to sour gummy worms. If you want to see how your own road trip food stacks up, you can check out all the videos at the hashtag on TikTok.

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