Mineral Palettes Are Fall 2020’s Answer to Jewel Tones

Pottery Barn's neutral tone Mineral Pallet

Bold emerald greens and deep sapphire blues have inspired paint colors for the past few seasons, but new shades are beginning to gain popularity. Mineral palettes are fall 2020’s answer to jewel tones.

Among fall 2020’s decor trends, a return to more neutral hues is expected. Whether that’s a need for soothing shades or a natural move away from the previous trend of bright hues, paint shades inspired by minerals are predicted to be big for this autumn. Instead of looking to gems for shade inspiration, this trend moves toward rocks and natural minerals to offer new colors.

My Domaine spoke with Monica Bhargava, Pottery Barn EVP of Design and Product Development, about the trend. Bhargava describes the palette development saying, “As we were having our fall creative meetings, I kept coming back to it, and it took me down the path of what the color palette could be … it started to cascade into the other minerals that could inspire this color palette. Pretty Lapis blue and warm Topaz took us to the warmth of beautiful ombre neutrals all the way to Bronze.”

If you’ve been thinking about updating your color scheme for fall, check out the other big fall 2020 decor trends over at My Domaine.

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