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8 Items That’ll Help You Up Your Meditation Practice

A woman meditating on a sunny outdoor patio.
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Meditation is an excellent way to reduce anxiety and stress. If you meditate regularly, or are looking to start, these items will help you get into the Zen of things.

Of course one of the huge advantages of meditation is you can do it anywhere, for free! You don’t need any of the items below to reap its many benefits. However, some of them might help you get into the right mindset, or make things more convenient or comfortable for you.

If you can dedicate a small space in your home to your meditation practice, some of these items can help you create the perfect peaceful vibe. You’ll feel calmer as soon as you sit down.

Gaiam Mindful and Modern Velvet Meditation Cushion

If you sit while you meditate, it’s definitely not a bad idea to get yourself a cushion like this one from Gaiam Mindful and Modern. It’s more comfortable than sitting on the hard floor or a regular pillow, due to the ergonomic design that helps support your spine.

It’s also pretty firm, which is actually nicer than it sounds because it lifts you up a bit from the floor. Plus, it looks so nice, you could easily incorporate it into your regular decor. The velvet cover is super-soft and removable for easy washing.

Everlasting Comfort Essential Oil Diffuser

Breathing in a calming scent while you meditate can enhance the experience. While you can certainly use a scented candle, this Everlasting Comfort Essential Oil Diffuser is another cool option.

It has a large water tank to give you more than 13 hours of your favorite scent. It also has a timer and automatic shutoff.

It’s not just a diffuser, either—it has seven different LED colors to create any vibe you want, which is especially great at night or early in the morning. The mist feels nice, and the design is so pretty, no one will know it’s not just a piece of decor unless you tell them.

Savasana Now Eye Pillow

If you lie on your back when you meditate, an eye pillow can be especially soothing. A weighted one, like this one from Savasana Now, can help you relax even more due to the light acupuncture pressure it provides.

Filled with flaxseed and lavender, it has a good amount of pressure and a calming scent (although, you can also get it unscented). It’s made of silk, so it feels nice and cool, and there are no uncomfortable straps to deal. You can use it as is, or chill it if you prefer.

Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you listen to guided meditations or calming music, you’ll want that to be the only thing you hear. Any outside noise can be distracting, especially if you aren’t home alone. These Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones block out external noise, so you’ll be able to stay “in the zone.”

They’re also fantastic for anything else! They’re ergonomically designed and cushioned for extra comfort. You can fold them up for easy storage when you’re not using them. They sound incredible and are available in several colors.

Core Meditation Trainer

The Core Meditation Trainer.
Core Wellness

The Core Meditation Trainer offers a more high-tech experience. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and then pairs with an app, which acts as your Meditation Trainer. It’ll lead you on your meditation journey, no matter what level you’re at (you can choose novice to expert). It provides a “sensory journey toward personal wellness.”

The Meditation Trainer also tracks your breath, sense of calm, and focus, so you can gauge your progress in the app. It’s a good way to get started if you feel like you need a guide.

Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat

If you really want to elevate your meditation experience, try this Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat. Designed as a healing treatment (advocates say it helps with everything from muscle pain to insomnia), it’s filled with nontoxic plastic nails. The little spikes give the additional benefit of an at-home massage or acupuncture session.

You can use it while wearing clothing for light pressure, or without if you want more intense pressure. You only need to lie on it for 15-20 minutes each day to feel the benefits.

If you’re thinking there’s no way this could be comfortable, we can tell you it’s intense at first, but surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable once you really sink into it.

Muse S Headband

This Muse S Headband is an updated version of the popular Muse bio-feedback meditation headset. It combines the original meditation practice tools that made the original Muse so popular, with a much more comfortable, sleep-friendly band.

The soothing voice guidance and responsive meditations will help you relax whenever you need to. It monitors your brain activity, heart rate, breathing patterns, and body movement. It also responds in real time with immersive, meditation-based journeys.

If it feels awkward at first, just adjust the fit. It’s made of comfortable, breathable, stretchy fabric.

A Book About Self-Meditation

Of course, there’s a ton of info about meditation available on the web. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to check out something that’s more in-depth. It can also be refreshing to read a book instead of a screen for a change—especially when the topic is meditation.

Self-Meditation: 3,299 Tips, Quotes, Reminders, and Wake-Up Calls for Peace and Serenity by Barbara Ann Kipfer, is an excellent place to start your meditation journey.

It’s full of advice on how to meditate, along with lists of the mental and physical benefits. There are even tips on how to meditate in public, and little exercises you try whenever you need to calm down.

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