Multigenerational Living Is Inspiring Home Buyers to Look for More Space

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When it comes to home design, you’d likely think priority items would be open concept kitchens and living rooms or the popular farmhouse style build. Instead, space is the dominant trend because multigenerational living is the latest home trend.

Multigenerational living means that three or more generations are living together under the same roof, and families are opting for this style living more frequently according to research. Southern Living examined PEW research, which pointed to a growing trend of more generations living together. The arrangements were, in part, due to baby boomers’ declining health and the “boomerang generation”—or 20-somethings post-college grads—moving back home to live with parents, and are the main reason 20% of households in the United States are multigenerational.

This move toward family members of all ages living under the same roof has had an effect on home trends. Now, instead of that open-concept kitchen, ample space is the biggest must for home buyers according to the National Association of Realtors.

If you’ve got grandma and a member of Gen Z living with you, now may be the time to consider upsizing.

[Via Southern Living]

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