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Clever Ways to Make the Most of a Tiny Closet

small, well organized closet

Whether you live in an apartment or just have small closets in your house, they can leave you pretty frustrated. Instead of having nightmares about overflowing wardrobes, use some small space organizing tips to make the most out of what you have.

Use the Entire Closet Space

Just because your closet is tiny, that doesn’t mean there isn’t space you can use to organize your clothing and accessories. Consider the space above where your clothes hang and the area below them as well.

  • Add Storage Space Under Your Clothes: What’s going on on the floor of your closet? Make use of that space with a dresser or even a shoe rack. You can use a small dresser to store accessories, like hats and scarves.
  • Add Some Shelving Above: If your closet doesn’t come with a shelf up top, consider adding one. Shelving above your hanging clothes will give you a space for folded clothing items, accessories, or shoes.
  • Use the Closet Walls: Even small closets have three walls. Hang extra hanging racks, shelving, or hooks on the sidewalls of your closet. Hooks are perfect for storing accessories like scarves, ties, and jewelry.
  • Use Your Closet Door: If there is some space between your hanging clothes and the door of your closet, consider putting some towel bars inside your closet door and use S-hooks to hang shoes or other accessories. You can also use the outside of your closet door in the same way, as long as there is still clearance to open it.

Use Organization Accessories

To make the most of the limited space in a tiny closet, you’ll need organization accessories, like the right hangers, shelving, storage bins, and a little creativity.

  • Purchase Hanging Storage Organizers: Hanging organizers take up space on your closet rod, but they give you a place to store shoes, small foldable accessories, and undergarments. If you are running out of dresser space or don’t have room for a dresser, you will want this type of organization accessory in your closet.
  • Buy Special Hangers: If your closet rod is too crammed with clothes, you can ease up some of that space with space-saver and tiered hangers. These hangers hold multiple items, but in a way that staggers them, so your closet appears less stuffed.
  • Invest in Storage Baskets: Baskets and cloth bins offer you a great place to store smaller clothing items and accessories without taking space up in your dresser. These baskets can help you keep smaller items organized and off the floor.

Expand Outside Your Closet

Colored scarves tied on the hanging bar on brick wall background
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If you have room outside of your closet, like a bare wall, use that space too. Hooks and rods make great places to hang clothing and accessory items. A couple of fancy curtain holdbacks with a curtain rod will give you a place to hang belts, ties, and scarves. Hooks hung at varying heights on a wall make a good place to hang shawls and cardigans.

Also, people often feel like they need to keep all their clothes in their closets, but they don’t. Consider storing off-season or “one-day” clothes somewhere else in your home and keeping only what you need right now in your closet.

Invest in a Closet Organizer Kit

You don’t need to hire a person to come in and organize your closet for you (yes, this is a service that does exist). If you don’t have the organizing skills to throw all of those other tips together into a spacious tiny closet, you can buy a kit that will help you do it.

Closet organizer kits are available in different sizes, depending on the size of your closet. They include hanging space, shelving space, and plenty of room for all of your clothing and accessories.

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