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Organize That Pantry with Specialized Storage Containers

Two Mason jars full of veggies, three pantry shelves with storage bins, and two wire bins on a pantry shelf.

If you buy many of your dry goods in bulk, it doesn’t take long for your pantry or cabinet shelves to start overflowing. But there’s no better time than spring to get that mess organized, and these unique storage containers can help you do it.

It’s frustrating when you’re cooking and can’t find the ingredient you need in your chaotic, overstuffed pantry. It’s time to declutter that mess and organize what’s left with these handy storage containers.

Storage for Herbs and Spices

A group of magnetic spice jars hanging on a fridge and a spice rack on a pantry shelf.
Apollo/Williams Sonoma

Some of the most difficult items to wrangle in your pantry are herb and spice bottles. They come in so many shapes and sizes, and sometimes, even in bags. In the right containers, though, you’ll not only save some storage space, but it’ll also be much easier to find the one you need to make your fave meat rub.

This amazing magnetic jar set from Apollo keeps everything neatly packed together. It also allows you to organize them any way you want, whether that’s alphabetically, or by cuisine or how often you use it, and so on.

If you prefer not to stick your herbs to the fridge, this rotating spice rack by Williams Sonoma is a worthy replacement. The neat design keeps everything looking clean and tidy, while the labeled lids make it a cinch to grab the spice you need without having to double-check if you’re confusing caraway seeds with fennel.

Dry Food Storage

A set of Progressive Prokeeper+ containers.
Rashida Banks/The Container Store

If a container is good for storing flour, that means it’s also good at keeping moisture out and preserving the quality of milled grains. This means it’s also ideal for storing any type of dry food, including rice, pasta, raw beans, cookies, and even coffee.

The Progressive ProKeeper+ from the Container Store has a sleek design that’ll fit on any shelf that’s over 9-1/2 inches high. The airtight silicone seal prevents any air or moisture from getting in, and the snap-out leveler makes it convenient and easy to measure. It holds up to four quarts and is dishwasher-safe.

If you’d like, you can also get the 17-piece set for all your dry food storage needs.

Canned Food and Jam Storage

Three glass Mason jars with veggies and ice cream in them.

Named after John Landis Mason, who invented them, glass Mason jars are the best way to store jams and jellies. Glass containers are reusable and don’t contain any toxic or plastic that can leech onto your food during preservation. They also have screw-on lids for a tight seal.

You can find Mason jars in the kitchen accessory section of just about any store. If you’d rather order some online this six-piece set from Bedoo is affordable, and each will hold up to 32 ounces.

Whether you’re canning, pickling, or preserving, the size of the container will matter, so just keep in mind that glass jars come in all different shapes and sizes. And hey, canning jars work for storing dry goods, too!

Storing Bagged Foods

Two black wire baskets full of snacks stacked on top of each other on a pantry shelf.

These handy metal bins are perfect for small bagged and wrapped items, like nuts, granola bars, or anything else that’s spilling all over your pantry.

They’re also stackable, so you can maximize your space while also being able to easily see what’s in each bin. You get a set of two, and they come in three different sizes: large, XL, and XXL.

Pan and Lid Storage

Five skillets on a rack and a slide-out lid rack.
cuisinel/Dial Industries, Inc.

If your cook- and bakeware are out of control, this five-tier, heavy-duty rack will make your life so much easier. Imagine being able to just grab the skillet you need without having to dig through the rest of your heavy pots every time.

There’s no assembly required, and it holds up to 50 lbs., so you can store even your cast-iron skillets without worrying about them toppling over.

Another handy storage helper is this slide-out lid organizer. It keeps them neatly stacked sideways. It also fits inside most kitchen cabinets and pantries, so the only real question is whether you need one or two for your massive lid collection.

For Small Food Items and Packets

Six storage bins on two pantry shelves.

Never lose your favorite tea packet again! These stackable, transparent containers make it so easy to keep track of all your small food and drink items. They’ll help you keep everything tidy and organized to perfection.

From dressing pouches and spice packets to tea sachets and individually wrapped snacks, these containers will save you the trouble of having to go digging for your fave protein bar.

A Storage Set for Any- and Everything

OXO has been a pioneer in high-quality, super-functional containers for over 30 years. This company is constantly finding new ways to fix everyday storage problems.

And they’ve been very successful! People are, rightfully, a bit obsessed with these POP container sets that come in all different shapes and sizes. They’re also completely BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. The sturdy lids also prevent any spilling or leaking.

Okay, so this set isn’t cheap, but you get 10 pieces that’ll last you a long time. Plus, your food has never looked so good!

If you’re tired of never being able to find what you’re looking for in the kitchen, it’s time to get organized! These food-storage options will help you tidy up with a quickness. After you get it done, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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