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6 Ways to Glam Up Your Tiny Apartment Balcony

A man and woman toasting glasses of wine, while sitting on a small balcony.

Just because you have a tiny outdoor space doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous! Incorporate these six elements and take it from definitely small to definitely amazing.

Plants Make Everything Better

Connect with nature in your outdoor space by decorating your balcony with a ton of plants. They’ll breathe life into it and evoke a sense of Zen and relaxation. You can place them on the floor, hang them around a railing, attach them to the walls, or even hang them from your balcony’s ceiling.

When selecting your plants, don’t just consider your general climate, but also the location of your apartment relative to the sun. The south side of a building will get direct sunlight all year, but the north side might never get any.

If you’re living that semi-shaded life on the north side of a building, you’ll want to select plants that don’t need a direct blast of sunshine every day. When in doubt, just talk to someone at your local garden center or nursery and explain the situation.

Add Some Lighting, and Then Add More

A balcony decked out with soft lighting and candles.
Krzysztof Basel/Shutterstock

Lighting can make any location cozier, and your small balcony is no exception. Lots of soft lighting will create a sense of festivity, coziness, warmth, and glam simultaneously. When it comes to decorating with lights, the more of a variety you have, the better.

Spread them over the railing or furniture. Hang them from the walls, or decorate your plants with them. You’ll get that festive feeling every time you turn them on. During the darkness of fall and winter, you’ll appreciate gazing at those twinkling lights on your balcony oasis even more.

Plush Pillows

Heavenly, soft pillows not only look stylish, but also make you feel glamorous. They’ll have you wishing you could spend your entire day on your balcony. If you’re working from home, you might want to relocate your workstation to your plush new outdoor space.

Cute throw pillows are one of the easiest decorating hacks you can implement. You’ll find them in almost any store, including Target or Pottery Barn. They’re also affordable enough to switch out whenever you need a change.

Go on a hunt for your favorite color and find as many plush pillows as you can. Everyone who comes to visit will be jealous of your comfy, stylish new space.

Utilize Surfaces and Vertical Space

Three porcelain luminaries, resting on a tile shelf.
West Elm

Where there’s a wall, a shelf, or even a ledge, there’s a list of possibilities. From creating a vertical garden, to lining shelves and ledges with decor, like these lovely porcelain luminaries, there’s so much potential!

You can also get a little mirror to open up your tiny space even further. Or, decorate it with a curtain of lights that can double as your outdoor lighting source.

New Flooring

Glamming up your balcony flooring can make all the difference. You can even model it after the luxurious style in your favorite hotel or spa. Cover up that boring concrete with some cool tiles, like these Moroccan Mosaics.

If installing tiles is a no-go, just snap together these cool IKEA wooden outdoor tiles for a natural look that doesn’t require a permanent change. They go well with earthy tones and a bunch of plants to evoke a Bali vibe.

Wooden IKEA snap tiles on a balcony.

If that sounds like too much work, just get some outdoor rugs to beautify your space. You can even get one that looks like grass to create a “backyard” feeling.

Get Creative with Furniture

No space for furniture? Don’t despair! There are tons of ideas out there to solve this problem. Consider some of the following options:

There are so many ways you can glam up your tiny apartment balcony in the colors and tones you love, without sacrificing a single piece of furniture.

Decorating and transforming a space is fun and exciting. So, turn that tiny balcony into a passion project! It’ll soon be your favorite spot.

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