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The 6 Best Subscription Boxes for Chocolate Lovers

A variety of chocolate bars from difference subscription services.
Bar & Cocoa/Cocolectic/Compartes

Chocolate lovers gather round! These are the best subscription boxes you can join, gift, or share with a special someone and indulge in the wonderful world of chocolate.


A selection of chocolate gifts from Compartes chocolatier.

The legendary LA chocolate maker Compartes invites you to join its Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club and try the best of their fine and unique chocolates. They have a plethora of different flavors that they keep updating all throughout the year in order to bring forward something truly exclusive, seasonal, and special.

From all kinds of different dark, milk, and white chocolate bars to truffles and bonbons, Compartes has something for everyone, and with their subscription box, you can try out the best of what they have to offer.

The gourmet subscription is available in 3 ($150), 6 ($280), and 12 ($499) months, and it promises delivery of exotic tastes, most unusual flavor, and some of their newest not yet available bars, right to your doorstep.

Bar & Cocoa

An example of the Bar & Cacao gift box.
Bar & Cacao

For all those who enjoy surprises, Bar & Cocoa is a fantastic chocolate subscription box that features four full-sized, gluten- and dairy-free dark bars from the world’s finest bean-to-bar chocolate makers. All of their monthly choices are made in small batches, and therefore, offer unique and limited flavors you won’t easily find elsewhere.

The brand advocates for premium quality cacao, sustainable farming, and higher wages, and supports those they are working with through a series of initiatives like #WomenInChocolate and many others. They are currently working with 70+ crafters from over 40 countries to bring you the ultimate best bean-to-bar experience.

You can sign up for 3 ($129), 6 ($249), or 12 ($479) months with free shipping every month, making it a great holiday gift for someone you love. Or simply keep it for yourself, we won’t judge!


chocolate subscription box

Starting at only a little over $40 per month, the Cococlectic subscription box features American-made small-batch bean-to-bar dark chocolates that all consist of only three ingredients: cacao beans, sugar, and cocoa butter.

This makes them suitable for vegans and those with dairy and gluten intolerances as well as nut allergies, keeping the real bare flavor of the exclusive cacao beans. Supporting local, fair-trade, non-GMO, and ethically sourced chocolate makers has been the brand’s idea from the very beginning and with their amazing subscription box, everyone can get a taste of it.

In addition to that, they feature a new chocolate maker each month, highlighting their chocolate’s origin, ingredients, and process, something they like to call the “elements of chocolat’ology.”

Their subscription box program is divided into five tiers:

  • Sweet Devotee: $43 per month for 4 dark chocolate bars every month.
  • Bon (Bon) Vivant: $123 for 3 months for 4 dark chocolate bars in each order.
  • Coco’nnoisseur: $245 for 6 months for 4 dark chocolate bars in each order.
  • Office Box: $99 per month for a variety of 10 chocolate bars per month.
  • Gift Box: a one-time delivery of 4 dark or mixed chocolate bars, priced at $45.

Jackie’s Chocolates

A variety of individual chocolates from Jacky's Chocolates.
Jackie’s Chocolates

A perfect monthly treat for all those who love exploring different textures and chocolate creations in every bite, Jackie’s Chocolates monthly chocolate subscription features an assortment of everything from chewy caramels, fruity fillings, and marshmallows to crunchy nuts and delicious fudge, as well as special seasonal and limited-edition treats that aren’t available for a single purchase.

Carefully packaged to arrive at your doorstep in top-notch condition, they even offer a free gift message if you decide to surprise a special someone with a high-quality chocolate box filled with wonderful flavors.

Jackie’s Chocolates offer a 1-month ($29.95), 3-month ($89.85), 6-month ($179), and 12-month ($359) subscription, making them one of the most affordable on the market.


kekao chocolate subscription box

Indulge in a box filled with unique and delicious specialty crafted chocolates from all over the world and let your tastebuds go on a real choco adventure with Kekao, a brand of chocolate purveyors who feature only those chocolate makers who source their ingredients ethically and at fair wages.

Every month, you get a specially curated box of 4-5 chocolates that are rare finds you’ll have trouble finding elsewhere. Additionally, if you fall head over heels with a specific brand, you can venture over to their webshop and stock up without having to wait for the next month’s box.

They offer a 1-month ($40), 3-month ($120), and 6-month ($240) subscription, with an option to get a sample box ($46) to try them out without any future payment obligations. They do warn you though to not be surprised once you get hooked.


An example of the Vosges luxurious chocolate-of-the-month club offerings.

As luxurious as it is delicious, Vosges chocolates features an impressive array of truffles, gourmet bars, and treats you can look forward to every time the mailman drops their subscription box at your doorstep.

With a section called “cacao wellness,” that features functional chocolates mixed with adaptogens and other wellness-promoting ingredients, this brand is nothing like you’ll encounter on the market. The founder and renowned chocolatier Katrina Markoff crafted her cacao knowledge in Michelin-star restaurants in Spain where she realized that food should be experienced with all senses, and not just our tastebuds.

She talks about associating food and alchemy and bringing the world onto your palate, and that’s exactly what she’s trying to achieve through her products.

Being as luxurious as it is, Vosges has a bit higher pricing point and they offer a 3-month ($190), 6-month ($370), 12-month ($730), and something called a 13 Moon Chocolate Lunar Club that’s based on the lunar cycles and comes equipped with crystals and other tools that help you reap the moon’s energy and use it to get all the benefits.

From a collection of American-made bars to those coming from all over the world, these delicious chocolate subscription boxes will take you on a journey of unique flavors while teaching you all about their ingredients, sourcing, and origin, and at the same time getting you involved in supporting sustainable farming and fair wages. Chocolate lovers, take your pick!

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