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Doing Halloween on a Budget? Dollar Tree Is a Goldmine

An orange and black jack-'o-lantern wreath made from Dollar Tree craft supplies.
Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree is a bargain bonanza of Halloween goodies, whether you want ready-to-use decor, or you’re looking for supplies to craft your own. Here are some of the must-have items for Halloween.

For the real savings, we recommend you grab these in person. Dollar Tree maintains its everything-is-a-dollar pricing on the official website, but there’s a catch. While you can still buy a bag of candy or pumpkin candle for a dollar, they sell the items by the case.

So, if you don’t need 36 trick-or-treat buckets or 24 bats skeletons, you’ll have to pop into the store to get them in smaller quantities.


A drawing of a creepy mansion sitting on an easel with some paint containers next to it.
A Halloween art kit from Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree

You might not think of Dollar Tree as the go-to place for craft supplies, but it really has a ton of stuff! Not only can you find Halloween ribbon and fun crafting kits, but the store also has all kinds of fabulous faux floral.

The creepy black, purple, or red flowers with bats and skulls Dollar Tree puts out for Halloween are a goth favorite. The Halloween wreath in the first image above is just one of the cool things you can create with random stuff from the store.

When you’re checking out the art-and-craft kits, look for fun projects for your kids. Dollar Tree even has ceramic painting and easel kits at many locations.

Affordable Decor

While the Halloween decor at Dollar Tree might not always be as high-quality as the stuff you find at a craft store like Michael’s, you only pay a dollar for it. You can find cute signs, wall and door decor, table centerpieces, and even kitchenware to make eating and drinking frightening, as well.

The cute skeleton animals at Dollar Tree might not be as sturdy or posable as those at the craft and Halloween stores, but they’re still well-made and give your home an air of spookiness.

You can go nuts decorating without spending a ton!


Costco and Sam’s Club are great if you want to buy bulk Halloween candy in a flavor or two. If you want a wider range of sweets to hand out, though, definitely check out the candy selection at Dollar Tree.

While they do carry a lot of off-brands, you can also get some classic treats, like Sixlets, Lemonheads, and more!

Kids’ Costumes

Two girls and a boy wearing Halloween costumes from Dollar Tree.
Lots of fun, affordable costumes for the kids! Dollar Tree

Kids grow out of their Halloween costumes every year, so instead of investing in pricy costumes at one of the pop-up Halloween stores, check out Dollar Tree.

They have lots of cute outfits for little kids, and even some simple accessories for adults, like devil horns and animal ears.

Whether you shop at your local store or buy in bulk from the website, Dollar Tree has everything you need for Halloween. And since everything’s only a buck, you’ll save tons of cash!

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