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10 Foam Rollers Perfect for Home Deep Tissue Massage

Woman foam rolling the calves in the gym
Karla Tafra

A foam roller is the perfect way to tackle sore muscles at home and give yourself a deep tissue massage without heading to the spa. Here are our 10 favorite foam rollers for every need.

If you’ve never used a foam roller before, you’re in for a treat. They might appear to be too simple to live up to the hype. However, there’s no better way to really dig into your muscles and massage out tension with so much ease.

Below, we’ve chosen our favorite foam rollers for different categories. This will help you select the one that’s best suited for your needs, whether you need to massage your sore back, apply heat therapy, and more.

Best Standard Foam Roller

Although texturized foam rollers are a hot seller, a basic, smooth version will still do the trick, especially if you’re just beginning to learn the technique. Hard rollers or those with crazy-looking designs can be harsh, especially if you’ve never tried foam rolling before. They can cause more harm than good. That’s why using a standard roller will never fail.

They’re lightweight and easy to manipulate, so you never have to worry about hurting yourself or doing something wrong. They’re also the mildest of the bunch, making learning how to properly foam roll an easy task.

In addition to the standard size, there’s also an extra-long option, which is perfect for total body relief and rolling out the entire spine.

Best Soft Foam Roller

For a gentler massage, check out Rollga’s Soft foam roller. It features a lower density foam that will be extra mild on your sore muscles. It’s great for those just starting out, as well as people who bruise easily or have to be more careful with the amount of pressure they apply to their skin.

The award-winning shape follows your body’s contours and avoids sensitive areas, like the spine, and other bones and tendons. It targets your muscles perfectly, so it’s safe, even if you’ve never tried foam rolling before.

Best Trigger-Point Foam Roller

TriggerPoint's textured foam roller featuring a grid-like texture pattern.

Foam rollers with texturized grids can more efficiently massage and target trigger points. They can also get deeper into the fascia, and release the knots and acid buildup responsible for tightness and soreness.

This TriggerPoint GRID is the original in the field. It comes with free online instructions from experts, which is always helpful if you’ve never used a foam roller like this one before.

Best Texturized Foam Roller

If you’re looking for something really texturized and strong, the RumbleRoller will definitely get the job done. Its patented design features unique bumps that are both firm and flexible, so they mimic a someone’s thumbs.

Whenever you’re in need of a rolling session that’ll make you feel better immediately, look no further than the RumbleRoller! Give your sore muscles the release they so desperately need.

Best Heated Foam Roller

Someone using the Moji heated foam roller on their mid-back to help roll out tension.

Moji added another important element to foam rolling: heat. Its patented foam roller is meant to be popped into the microwave for a few minutes. It’s then ready to give you the best heat-therapy session you’ll ever feel in the comfort of your own home.

With a textured, cushioned exterior, it provides the ultimate comfort. Combined with heat, it works magic on sore muscles. It’s great to warm up before your workout, as well as to alleviate pain and offer some relief after a tough session.

Best Smart Foam Roller

The JAXJOX Smart Roller, showing the screen interface.

Vibration intensifies every movement. When it comes to foam rolling, vibration gets deeper into the fascia and releases even the hardest-to-reach tightness and tension. The JAXJOX Foam Roller Connect has five vibration intensity levels. Its pre-programmed activities will match whatever workout you just did, or are about to do. Plus, the three massage zones on the exterior will target those trigger points.

To make it even better, you can connect it to the app and track your foam-rolling technique, workout patterns, and recovery progress. The app also features videos, so you can learn how to do it properly.

Best High-Intensity Vibrating Foam Roller

Therabody's deep tissue Theragun Wave roller.

Therabody (formerly Theragun) is best known for its incredibly intense massage gun tools that put the hurt-so-good beatdown on your sore muscles. If you’re looking to get that kind of experience from your foam roller, consider Theragun’s intense high-vibration roller.

The company’s “wave technology” maximizes traction with just the right amount of pressure on every part of your body within five intensity levels. It’s also super high-density, so it digs deep into your sore muscles and tackles each knot with a therapeutic smart wave. This vibrates through the fascia and relaxes even the deepest layers.

It’s Bluetooth-enabled and easy to control via the Theragun app. You can choose between warmup and recovery settings, so you know when to use which level of intensity and reap the most benefits.

Best Spinal Foam Roller

Specifically shaped for the spine, the Axle foam roller by RAD is one of the best on the market for recovery. It improves mobility because the design takes the pressure off your bones and focuses only on those areas that need attention.

Its shape is also super-comfortable when rolling your arms or legs. If you add the instant handles, you can control the pressure when massaging tight quads.

Best Deep Tissue Foam Roller

A woman using the deep-tissue TRX roller to dig into her muscles.

Have you ever seen a foam roller that’s not round? Meet the TRX Rocker Myofascial Tool! It features an unusually sharp edge for a super-intense, deep tissue massage. The design creates three intensity pressure zones, depending on which side you choose to foam roll.

Many athletes swear by it because it allows them to control the intensity, while still feeling like someone’s jabbing an elbow into their sore muscles. If our texturized pick didn’t look intense enough, this is the deep tissue option you’re craving.

Best Travel Foam Roller

Believe it or not, there’s even a collapsible foam roller that’s perfect for travel, carrying to the gym, or using in a small, at-home workout space. This awesome invention by Brazyn packs completely flat and is super-lightweight and slim, so you can easily tote it in your purse or carry-on.

With just a simple tug on the pull ropes, this collapsible foam roller expands into a 14.5-inch long by 5.5-inch diameter roller. It’s big enough to tackle all of your sore areas.

These foam rollers are all amazing in their own way, so try them all, and see which one works best for you and your body! Happy rolling!

Karla Tafra Karla Tafra
Karla is a certified yoga teacher, nutritionist, content creator and an overall wellness coach with over 10 years of international experience in teaching, writing, coaching, and helping others transform their lives. From Croatia to Spain and now, the US, she calls Seattle her new home where she lives and works with her husband. Read Full Bio »

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