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6 Handsfree Ways to Hold Your Phone While You’re Working Out

A man and woman running on a trail in the woods, surrounded by fall-colored leaves.
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When you’re working out, it’s a good idea to keep your phone nearby. If you need a safe, secure place to stash it, we have some convenient options for you!

Whether you’re taking a brisk walk, going for a jog or bike ride, or simply hitting the elliptical, you probably want your phone with you. Maybe you’re listening to music on it or waiting for an important text to come through. Or, maybe you just keep it on you for safety, which is an excellent idea.

Whatever the reason, keeping your phone on you during a workout should be comfortable and carefree. Who wants to worry about dropping their phone during cardio?

The items below will hold your phone and ensure worrying about it dropping off on the trail or getting smashed up by the spin bike you are furiously pedaling doesn’t break your workout concentration!

Wear a Running Belt

Two women wear running belts while running

Probably the best way to hold a phone while running is a running belt. We recommend the SPIbelt Running Belt for running, or even just walking around the block. You’ll especially love the snug fit. It won’t budge, no matter how much you move around. The sleek design also allows you to easily camouflage it under your shirt, without it looking bulky.

The belt is made of soft, stretchy spandex, but it’s not uncomfortably tight. It will easily hold a large phone, and you’ll probably be able to fit your keys and a credit card in there, as well. It’s basically a lightweight fanny pack with an expandable pocket.

SPIbelt Running Belt

A lightweight fanny pack.

Use an Armband Case

A man and a woman wear armbands while running

If you don’t like wearing your phone around your waist, try putting it on your arm. The TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case is a great option. The band is extra-wide and plush, so it won’t feel irritating on your arm. It also fits snugly, so it won’t move when you do.

An armband might also be a bit easier than a belt if you’re doing strength-training moves, like squats.

It even has a cord holder to prevent headphone wires from getting tangled. There’s also a discreet pocket for key storage, a reflective safety strip, and a double loop so it will fit almost anyone. The screen protector is also water-resistant (perfect for running in the rain), with high touch sensitivity.

TRIBE Cell Phone Armband Case

The perfect alternative to a fanny pack.

Try a Unique Storage Belt

Someone puts their cellphone in a green running belt.

If the buckle on the SPIbelt we covered above would irritate you, you might like the FlipBelt better. It’s wide and lightweight and fits around your waist like a waistband. It has multiple pockets for your phone, ID, keys, and much more!

The wide, stretchy band is also super-comfortable. This running cellphone holder won’t ride up as you move, and it’s easy to hide under your shirt or pants. It’s a safe way to keep your valuables hidden and close to you.


Has multiple pockets for all your important items.

Don a Backpack Vest

People wear running backpacks
Gear Beast

Not into belts or armbands? Try the Gear Beast Running Backpack Vest. It’s very small and holds your phone against your upper back, so it won’t get in the way. Of course, this isn’t the item you want if you need your phone to be easily accessible. You’ll have to reach back and take it out of the pocket to see it.

This has its advantages, though. If your phone is against your back, you won’t notice it as much. The vest also has holes for headphone wires, so you can listen to music without wires thumping against your chest. It also has a separate storage pocket for small items, like a key, cash, or your ID. The material is plush and comfortable, but still sweat-resistant.

Gear Beast Running Backpack Vest

This small backpack-like holder keeps your phone out of your way.

Store It With a Special Clip

A woman wearing a Koala Clip Original attached to the back of her tank top.
Koala Clip

If you can’t decide where to put your phone, the Koala Clip might be your best bet. It’s a really simple, sweat-resistant pouch you can attach wherever you want it. Whether you clip it on your waistband or the back of your bra, it will keep your phone secure. This may be the best way to hold a phone while running.

Since it’s a pouch, there’s no restrictive band. The material is also sweat-, water-, and rain-resistant, so it will protect your phone in any weather. This running cellphone holder is also thick, so it will prevent your phone from getting too cold if you run or bike in the winter.

Use a Convenient Wristband

Someone wears a phone on their wrist

The problem with most armbands is, once they’re on your arm, it’s not easy to actually look at your phone’s screen. Sure, you can turn up the volume, but it’s kind of annoying to try to look at the screen. That’s why we find wristbands, like this one from VUP, to be a bit more convenient.

Your phone goes on a swivel holder that rotates 360 degrees, so you won’t have to contort your arm into some weird position to use or see it. It’s made of breathable, stretchy material for a comfortable fit, and also has a small key pocket.

VUP Wristband Phone Holder

See your phone easily.

You might have spent a lot of money on your phone but thankfully you don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep it securely attached to your body while you are exercising! Speaking of attaching things to your body while exercising, while you’re shopping for a good phone holder, grab a good water bladder so you can stay hydrated while you’re running.

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