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7 Items That Will Encourage Kids to Wash Their Hands More

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Basic hygiene has never been as important as it is right now. Unfortunately, getting kids to partake isn’t easy. There are some items that will encourage kids to wash their hands more so they can stay safe.

Washing your hands throughout the day may come as second nature to most adults, but it’s not the same for kids. They might know they’re supposed to do it after using the bathroom, but they probably don’t stop playing to do it if they pick up something gross or touch a friend. And when kids do wash their hands, it could last about five seconds or less, with minimal soap. Not ideal.

Teaching your kids how to wash their hands properly is so important, not only to slow the spread of COVID-19, but also just as a basic life skill. The following products will encourage kids to spend more time at the sink—they might even start thinking of handwashing as a fun activity!

Sohp Shop

Sohp Shop
Sohp Shop

Sohp Shop Soaps are really fun: It’s a pretty ball of soap with a surprise toy hidden inside. The idea is that the more your child washes their hands and uses the soap, the closer they get to revealing a brand-new toy.

There are several different scents, like Unicorn, which is scented with “rainbow dust and honeydew.” There are six different unicorn surprises to collect, which makes this more of a long-term game for kids than a one time thing. And there are two other options as well, Fortune and Ninja. The soaps are handmade and use clean ingredients with no parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES, or sulfates.

There’s also a cute backstory behind them: These were thought up by a kid who started making her own at home. She sold them at lemonade stands in her yard, and they became a huge hit, for obvious reasons.



SoaPen is another product that makes handwashing more fun and less of a chore. These soaps are shaped exactly like a marker, so instead of rubbing it into their hands, kids can draw on their hands with the SoaPen. Once they rub their hands under warm water for 20-40 seconds, it lathers and rinses off.

This is a fun way for kids to get creative with their soap and handwashing. They’re also non-toxic and safe for sensitive skin, free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and EDTA, and the colors are food-grade and FD&C certified.

The other great thing about them is that they’re very portable, so you can take them with you on the go. It’s super convenient!

Hand-Washing Chart

Hand Washing Chart

Sometimes, kids do better with a required task if they get to feel like they’ve accomplished something special after they do it. A hand-washing chart is a great way to make them feel proud of themselves every time they wash their hands, making them want to do it more.

It’s also a good way to basically bribe them—you can tell them you’ll buy them a treat if they complete a certain amount of handwashing.

This chart from Etsy is so adorable and gives prompts for kids to wash their hands before meals, after going to the bathroom, and after touching something yucky, among other things. They get to use hand stickers to check off when they’ve completed a washing.

Step Stool for Kids

Most little kids can’t reach a sink on their own, so you have to hold them up there so they can wash their hands. Give them a little independence and encourage them to wash their hands on their own with a step stool like this one.

With thick slip-resistant rubber feet so it doesn’t slide and a dual height design with wide steps, this one is safe and versatile. It’s also durable, lightweight, and stackable, so it’s easy to move around and store when not in use.

Best of Times Egg Timer

Very few kids are standing at the sink, singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice or counting slowly to 20 while washing their hands. In fact, most of them are doing it as fast as humanly possible.

This Best of Times Egg Timer is a fun way to make sure they really do wash their germs away. Set it for the time you want and then they can wash until the timer goes off, which makes it a lot more exciting for them. Plus, the little chick design is cute to look at.

Kandoo BrightFoam Funny Berry Hand Soap

A child washing their hands with brightly colored foaming soap.

Sometimes, all you have to do to get kids interested in washing their hands is present them with a really cool soap. The Kandoo BrightFoam Funny Berry Hand Soap is literally a super-bright color. Not only is this fun to look at, but it also lets kids get a visual on how much they’ve covered their hands in soap so they can’t miss any spots.

Made with vitamin E and natural fruit extracts, it keeps skin soft instead of drying it out. It’s also hypoallergenic, and has a large foaming pump and a wide base so that it’s easy for little hands to figure out.

Soap Soundz Set of 3 Christmas Soaps

Kids love music, and playing some while they’re washing their hands isn’t a bad idea. The Soap Soundz soaps play music once they pump soap out and start washing their hands. After a while, they’ll want to use the soap just so they can hear the music.

This is a set of three soap dispensers with holiday scents that are perfect for Christmas in a few months. They play Christmas music, of course, which makes them even more exciting for the little ones.

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