These Succulent Pumpkins Are the Perfect Colorful Fall Decor

Queen of Succulents

When it comes to fall decor, there’s no shortage of options. From bringing faux fall foliage into your home to busting out the hay bales, the internet is packed with ideas. But these succulent pumpkins may be the most inventive decor for those looking to add bright color into the mix of the typical reds, golds, and oranges of autumn.

Etsy shop Queen of Succulents is selling white pumpkins stuffed with succulents, and yes, both are real. The succulents inside include a mix of purple, green, red-tipped, and light blue for a pop of color with your fall decor, and the pumpkins are roughly four to five inches wide.

Each of the individual planters and succulents retail for $34.99. But don’t worry about the pumpkin going bad and losing your plant inside. With adequate care, the Etsy shop explains you can replant the succulent inside and really get the most bang for your buck.

Etsy/Queen of Succulents

If you’re not much of a seasonal decorator, especially when it comes to plants, don’t worry. The Etsy shop is filled with a variety of succulents and even more fun designs. The Queen of Succulents shop has everything from full heart-shaped planters, to stars, to tiny party favors.

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