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Pasta Might Be Good for You, After All

A plate of fettucine.
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Shunning pasta because it’s too carb-heavy, and you’ve been told it’s not a healthy dinner staple? Maybe it’s time to rethink that.

Now, don’t head right out to the Olive Garden or start substituting that side of broccoli for some rotini. The benefits of pasta aren’t gained by bulk loading, but rather, by building meals around it. How does that work? Let’s start with this study published in Frontiers in Nutrition

It looked at the diets of both adults and children, who did and didn’t eat pasta. Researchers found that those who did eat it had a better diet and nutrient intake than those who didn’t. Real Simple spoke with dietician, Diane Welland, who explained the results, asserting that pasta is a “building block” food.

This means it can get other nutrients out of things like vegetables, fish, or lean meat when paired with them.

“Think of pasta as a canvas from which you can add almost any nutrient-dense, fiber-rich food you and your family like, to create memorable and delicious meals,” Welland told the outlet.

So, next time you’re thinking of skipping pasta, consider using it as a foundation, and then building on it with vegetables, meats, and other complementary items.

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