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A Whisk Wiper Is the Kitchen Tool You Might Be Missing

A woman removing a Whisk Wiper from a whisk.
Whisk Wiper

For those who love to bake, leftover batter or icing on your whisk is a common occurrence. Sure, licking off the remnants is a favorite childhood memory for many. However, a Whisk Wiper is the kitchen gadget you need if you want to make sure all your batter stays put.

Whisk- and mixer-lickers, look away—this might be painful for you. However, if you love to bake and want to make sure every last bit of cake or brownie mix makes it into the pan, a Whisk Wiper is the answer. It’s a simple plastic tool that wraps around the base of your whisk.

To use it, you simply slide it on prior to mixing, and then go about combining your ingredients. Once your batter is smooth and your whisk is covered, simply slide the plastic piece up and over the top. It will catch almost every last bit of leftover batter, so you can scrap it back into the mix (or eat it yourself, with a spoon).

A woman's hand setting a whisk with a Whisk Wiper on it on a counter.
Whisk Wiper

Even if you aren’t sold on skipping the consumption of raw batter, this little tool will come in handy. As shown in a video on its Amazon page, you can also use the Whisk Wipe to keep the metal prongs of your whisk off your countertops

Plus, if you often rest your whisk on the side of the bowl, the Whisk Wipe will prevent it from falling in. For just $16.95, this little tool will make an awesome stocking stuffer for your baking buddies this holiday season.

[Via Delish]

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