Bill Nye Is Hosting Online Classes for Kids on Airbnb

Bill Nye in an ad for his new online course.

Many kids are currently enrolled in digital learning, and even for those learning face-to-face, field trips are a no-go. Fortunately, Bill Nye is now hosting field trips online, thanks to Airbnb.

Airbnb has created an entire collection of online field trips to help kids feel more connected while learning, and Nye is hosting one of them. The famous Science Guy’s course is called “Decoding the Science of 2020.”

In it, Nye will explore the “science of skin color, the impact of climate change, and the transmission of coronavirus.” Basically, kids will get a crash course on everything from molecular science and the atmosphere, to weather.

Nye isn’t the only person helping kids learn online, nor is it all about science. There’s the “Socially Conscious Storytime” with actress Olivia Wilde, a course on French pastries, and an opportunity to learn sign language.

The courses range in price. Some cost as little as $10, but if you want to hang out with the celebrity host, it’ll cost you $100. The field trips open at different dates over the next few weeks, so be sure to check the signup times for those your kids are interested in.

If you’ve been looking for a supplement to your kids’ online courses, or a way to give them a new experience outside the traditional classroom, Airbnb’s field trips could be perfect.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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