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10 Gifts for Your Friend Who Puts Hot Sauce on Everything

A variety of hot-sauce themed gifts like sample sets and ornaments.
Higher Human/Global Hot Sauce/Old World Ornaments

For some people, hot sauce is a way of life, not just a condiment. If there’s someone in your life who douses everything in a fiery sauce, there are some unique Christmas presents out there just for her!

The holidays are right around the corner, so get ready to turn up the heat with any of the entertaining, yet useful, gifts below.

A DIY Hot Sauce Kit

Here’s one for your buddy who’s always wanted to make his own hot sauce. Using the recipe cards and flavor guide, he’ll learn how to concoct delicious, spicy sauces he can be proud of.

The products are made from high-quality, fifth-generation peppers grown in Colorado. There’s no better satisfaction than enjoying a sauce you crafted with your own two hands.

Smacking Gourmet Hot Sauce Kit

Get the family together and learn how to make your own hot sauce.

Themed Socks

Hot sauce can warm up more than just your belly—it can even warm your toes! These foodie crew socks are hilarious, soft, and perfect for your spice-loving friend.

Sock Me Hot Sauce Socks

Heat up those toes!

A Hot Sauce Gift Set

The Global Hot Sauce Gift Set.
The Modern Gourmet

Your friend will love trying all these unique, delicious hot sauces from around the world. The set includes five flavors from Australia, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Brazil.

This gift set also comes beautifully packaged and wrapping-paper ready!

Global Hot Sauce Gift Set

Five flavors from around the world.

A Hot Sauce Ornament

For a spice-lover, nothing says Merry Christmas like this cute, quirky ornament. Sure, it’s relatively small, but your friend will use it for years to come. It’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving.

Surprise your friend by sneaking this on the tree or stuffing it in a stocking.

Old World Hot Sauce Ornament

Looks adorable on any Christmas tree.

A Hot Sauce Cookbook

For those looking to hone their sauce-making skills, this book will get ’em started. Hot Sauce! Techniques for Making Signature Hot Sauces is chock-full of helpful techniques.

It includes 32 lip-smacking recipes, as well as various approaches to cooking with tangy condiments.

Hot Sauce! Techniques for Making Hot Sauces

Yes, there's a hot sauce cookbook.

Hot Sauce Challenge Book of Pleasure & Pain

Perhaps, it’s that unbearable tongue-tingling burn your friend just can’t resist. For that daredevil in your life who’s always trying the hottest flavors, we dug up this fun and fiery challenge she’ll love taking on!

Each of the included sauces is made of freshly grown Arizona peppers. They’re packaged in miniature bottles, so your friend can take them anywhere. She’ll enjoy every mouth- and eye-watering drop!

Hot Sauce Challenge: Book of Pleasure and Pain

A challenge only your spiciest friend will accept.

A Sriracha T-Shirt

A red Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce T-shirt.
Tee Luv

The fiery debate on which hot-sauce brand is best will rage forever. But all those Sriracha fans out there will love rockin’ this classic T-shirt.

Because it’s essentially a replica of the label on the bottle, any Sriracha-lover will be thrilled (and amused) to receive this as a gift.

Sriracha Ringer T-Shirt

For those Sriracha fans!

A Cholula Variety Pack

If Cholula is your friend’s poison, keep it simple with this variety pack. The flavors include Chili Lime, Chili Garlic, Original, Chipotle, and Green Pepper.

This way, your loved one will have all of Cholula’s delicious flavors on hand whenever she needs them.


Hot Sauce Singles

There’s no better way to add a variety of spice to your packed lunch than with these assorted single packets. Whether your friend is packing a lunch to take on a hike or to work, he can toss in a few of these to make it even tastier.

The box includes 100 travel-size packets of eight delicious sauces, including Sriracha, Franks Red Hot, Tapatío, and Louisiana. Your friend will never be sauceless again!

A Tabasco Key Chain Holster

A mini Tabasco bottle and holder on a key chain.
Higher Human/McIlhenny Company

Okay, a Tabasco key chain might seem a little extra, but your buddy might disagree. Besides, you just never know when you might need a few dashes of spice in your life.

Yes, the mini glass bottle contains real sauce. Your recipient just slides the bottle into the protective silicone case hooked to a handy carabiner, and he can take it anywhere.

It’s quirky and adorable!

Higher Human Tabasco Sauce Keychain

Your friend will never be without hot sauce again.

Any of these fun, thoughtful hot sauce gifts are sure to ignite your friend’s flame this holiday season!

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