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6 Essentials for Play-Doh Fun

A little girl rolling out Play-Doh on a kitchen counter.

Play-Doh is so simple but so much fun! It opens the door to hours of imaginative play, encouraging your children to explore, create, and develop those fine motor skills. Here are six essentials to get them started.

Activity Table

A Play-Doh activity table that helps keep the mess of creative play contained.

As wonderful as Play-Doh is, there’s no denying it’s a bit messy activity. Keep the chaos under control with this convenient and affordable activity table. It comes with built-in molds, 25 tools, plus 8 tubs of colorful Play-Doh.

Cleanup is a breeze with two hideaway compartments to stash all your supplies. It’s really the perfect solution for creating a dedicated Play-Doh station, one where your kids will be inspired to dream and create for hours on end.

Play-Doh Firetruck

This firetruck kit is an awesome addition to your child’s Play-Doh collection. You can load the cannon with fun colors, crank the handle, and watch as silly bursts come flying out. There are molds on the side of the truck to make little safety cones or tufts of fire.

Included is a realistic Play-Doh “water” with two shades of blue swirled together. Use it to put out those pretend fires! Your kiddos can play at being little firemen and women, and it’s a great hands-on way to talk to them about fire safety while you’re rolling the truck across the kitchen table.

Watch the above video to see this cool firetruck in action.

Play-Doh Stamp ’n Top Pizza Oven

With this pizza set, your aspiring chef can roll, stamp, and spin a crazy crust, slide it into the toy oven, and top it with pepperoni, veggies, olives, you name it.

Included is a realistic cheese machine, five Play-Doh cans, six accessories, plus the toy oven. Watch the above video for inspiration.

And who knows? All those pretend cooking skills could transfer to the real kitchen—resulting in your child cooking a proper meal for you. Score!

Play-Doh Ice Cream Party

Indulge in the wonderful world of dessert creation with this Play-Doh ice cream set. It comes complete with everything needed for a proper ice cream party, such as cups, bowls, cones, an ice cream scooper, banana stamper, decorating tool, molds, spoons, and more.

And, of course, it comes with six cans of brightly colored Play-Doh for creating scrumptious-looking sundaes, whipped cream, and your favorite flavors of ice cream. It’s so yummy looking you might have to remind your kids to wait for the real ice cream after dinner!

Play-Doh Gingerbread House

Love the idea of a gingerbread house but not excited about the level of sugar involved? Well, you’re in luck! You can make a delightful gingerbread house entirely out of Play-Doh! It’ll brighten up your table for the holiday season without greedy fingers digging in.

First, you need the Play-Doh Ultra Swirl Ice Cream Maker. This is a good investment because once your gingerbread house is complete, you can use it in the ice cream party above.

Here are the rest of the supplies needed:

Watch the above video to make the magic happen!

Play-Doh Compound Variety Pack


Are you ready for a totally unique Play-Doh experience? This pack includes five unusual Play-Doh varieties that are weird, odd, and strangely satisfying to squeeze and manipulate.

This is an excellent choice to explore some sensory play. You can still use it to create shapes, but the real fun is in examining how unusual and different each variety feels.

Here’s a quick description of each type:

  • Slime: Stretchy and sticky, like traditional slime but with a shiny finish. It’s not able to hold its shape when used in molds.
  • Super cloud: Similar to slime but with a much thicker consistency. Still not able to hold its shape within a mold.
  • Krackle: An addictively fun substance that crackles and pops as you massage it between your hands. It turns clear when stretched out. Mix the two colors together for a fun blend.
  • Super stretch: They weren’t kidding when they called this super stretch. This stuff can stretch across the whole table! It’s real smooth and can be shaped with molds.
  • Foam: This substance is fairly dry and is incredibly satisfying to squish between your hands. It can also be molded into shapes.

Play-Doh is a stimulating and enriching tool to use to develop your child’s creative side. These essentials are the perfect addition to any Play-Doh collection.

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