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8 Fun and Functional Tools for Writers

A green leather journal, someone wearing Alice in Wonderland fingerless gloves, and the Original Magnetic Poetry Kit.
Nomad Crafts Co./Storiarts/Magnetic Poetry

If you’ve discovered a passion for writing or journaling over the last year and/or are pursuing a career as a crafter of words, there are some things you just can’t do without. From a good pen to a little creative inspiration, every writer needs these items in his or her toolbox.

Writers don’t need much when it comes to equipment—a plain old No. 2 pencil and a notebook will do. However, if you’re serious about your craft, you’ll likely want a few of these tools of (and for) the trade.

A Classic Fountain Pen and Journal

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen.

You can type away all you want at the computer, but somehow writing in a journal with a fancy fountain pen seems more authentic and raw. Classics like this will inspire you to put pen to paper.

The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is well worth its price tag. It’s available in several colors and also comes with five extra cartridges. You’ll love the smooth glide of this pen, and the handy clip on the side to snuggly attach it to your notebook. It’s sturdy and will last for years worth of writing.

Nomad Leather Journal.
Nomad Crafts Co.

While composition books are affordable and easy to come by, most writers love having a fancy journal or two around to record their most important words. Whether you’re an aspiring beat poet or the next Edgar Allan Poe, the Nomad journal is an excellent choice.

Raw pages bound in leather give this journal a rustic look that will inspire all sorts of stories and poems. It also comes in a few different color and size options.

Creative Inspiration

The Writer's Toolbox

Inspiration can make a huge difference in any writer’s life and career. There are tons of books and tool kits out there to help aspiring writers achieve their goals. The Writer’s Toolbox is a great starting place.

This toolbox is full of inspiration and writing motivation. It includes timed writing prompts, help with your protagonist, writing exercise sticks, and more. According to reviewers, however, there are some adult topics explored, so this toolbox might not be appropriate for younger writers.

Subscriptions to the Best Writing Magazines

The 'Poets & Writers' website.
Poets & Writers

Any writer who wants to learn some of the tools of the trade and/or submit their work to contests or for publication needs guidance. Fortunately, there are some industry magazines out there that can give it.

Writer’s Digest has a contest you can enter in every issue. There are also online writing classes and wonderful writing tips in each issue from published authors, editors, agents, and other industry insiders.

Poets & Writers is also rife with tips and a great go-to guide for publishers and journals that arelooking for stories and articles.

Both magazines are affordable, so get a one-year subscription to one or both.


Someone wearing the 'Alice in Wonderland' fingerless gloves and holding a copy of the book.

Writing is a nonstop passion, and sometimes, it’s chilly when you’re getting some words down. Whether you’re typing away in a chilly cafe or writing in your journal on a frigid evening, a good pair of writing gloves will be most welcomed.

These adorable Alice In Wonderland fingerless gloves will warm your hands, but leave your fingers free for tapping or scribbling.

The Composition Book Tote Bag.
Out of Print

Whenever a writer goes anywhere, he or she should always have at least a notebook and something to write with. Many might even haul their journal, writer’s toolkit, and writing gloves, as well.

You’re going to need something to carry all your scribbling supplies, and that’s where this Composition Book tote bag comes in handy. It’s cool, classic, and inspirational.

Just for Fun

All the sheets of words that come in the Original Magnetic Poetry Kit.
Magnetic Poetry

Don’t forget that writing doesn’t always have to be a serious affair. A set of magnetic poetry is a fun way to write and come up with story and poetry ideas.

You can get one big kit, like the one that started it all, or a few smaller kits. There are even kits specifically geared toward horror, classic works of fiction, and more.

A career in writing can be hard work, but it’ll be much easier if you have the right tools—both the practical and inspirational kind. Any of these items will help you set off on your storytelling adventure and never look back.

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