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12 Essential Cozy Loungewear Staples You Need for Fall

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There’s nothing like some brand-new, ultra-comfy loungewear to make staying home on a fall day feel special. These picks will have you covered, from staying up to sleeping in!

In 2020, loungewear is bigger than ever. It takes you seamlessly from Zoom hangouts to movie marathons. Some pieces even work for running errands. Let your jeans collect dust while you slip into these ultra-comfortable finds!


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It’s fun to have plenty of mix-and-match separates. Start on top with any of these soft, relaxed pieces:

  • Sweatshirt: The classic crewneck sweatshirt will never go out of style. Plus, you don’t have to change out of it if you have to step out to run an errand. This Hanes pullover has a relaxed fit and comes in an array of solid neutrals and fun brights.
  • Tie-Dye Tee: There’s no bigger trend in 2020, but if you’re too lazy to DIY, we’ve got you! An ultra-soft, oversized tee in a tie-dye print will keep you equal parts cozy and on-trend. We love this boxy cropped option with a minimalist tie-dye pattern in easy-to-match colors, like navy and black. It’ll pair perfectly with your comfiest bottoms or jeans.
  • Cardigan: As temperatures drop, you’ll be wanting a cardigan to toss on over your loungewear. This one by Amazon Essentials has a relaxed fit and medium length, which make it super-versatile. Just don’t be surprised when you find yourself wearing it every day!


Complete your collection of separates with these essential bottoms:

  • Joggers: These are essentially sweatpants with a sleeker, slimmer shape. That’s why you’ll often find them in the streetwear section instead of loungewear. These favorites are flattering enough to take you anywhere. The BALEAF Joggers come in a host of fun, earthy colors, and are perfect for fall. The slightly cropped, tapered fit is on-trend, but the ultra-soft fabric is an invitation to chill.
  • Bike Shorts: These have also spilled over into loungewear in recent years, and it’s easy to see why: they’re stretchy, comfortable, and perfect for mild fall days. A pair in basic black is all you need to get in on this trend. Of course, you can also wear them out, but they’re so soft, you’re not going to want to leave the couch.
  • Leggings: These trusty staples cover workouts, lounging, and pretty much anything else you have to do. While black leggings are a must-have, it’s fun to stock up on a few colors, too. This pair by Colorfulkoala has a comfortable high waist, opaque fabric, loads of stretch, and a seamless waistband. Welcome to your new favorite pants!

One-Piece Loungers

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You’ll never have to think about matching again when you stock up on these one-piece lounge faves. Here are some of our favorite one-and-dones:

  • Jumpsuit: This might make you think of dressing up and going out, but in a soft, relaxed silhouette, it’s actually perfect for hanging out at home. This Tank Jumpsuit comes in every color you can imagine. It has a loose fit and a comfortable elastic waist. The sleeveless design is also ideal for layering during the unpredictable fall weather.
  • Romper: These are just like jumpsuits, only with shorts. And they’re not just for summer. Choose one with long sleeves, and you’ve got the perfect transitional loungewear to take you through fall and into winter. This cozy ribbed knit with a button front is stylish and flattering, without sacrificing comfort. You’ll look like you put effort into your lounge look, when all you really did was roll out of bed.
  • Shirtdress: It’s really just an oversized shirt, but it’s probably the most comfortable lounge item of all. This relaxed version has an off-shoulder fit that adds a little style to the shape. It’s perfect if you want to feel cozy, but get too hot in long pants and sleeves. It also layers nicely under a cardigan.

Loungewear Sets

A classic loungewear set offers timeless style. Just pick the fabric you like best:

  • Flannel: Famed for its warmth and softness, it’s great for frosty nights and chilly mornings. Even though it’s warm, it’s also breathable, so you won’t get sweaty. Red and black plaids are classics, but it’s fun to grab a set in an unexpected color, like mint green. Just add slippers and you’ll stay warm all over!
  • Satin: If you want to feel fancy while you marathon your favorite show or curl up with a best seller, you can’t go wrong with satin. It feels upscale, but can still be affordable. This soft set will elevate even the most mundane home activities. You’ll definitely want to snap a selfie before you sit down with your popcorn in this cute set.
  • Pajamas: A nice set of pj’s deserves a spot in anyone’s dresser. Modern sets come in soft colors and minimalist patterns. There are also long or short sets, so you can choose whichever length you find most comfortable.

Loungewear is an essential part of your wardrobe, so stock up before the year’s coldest weather arrives! With a selection of styles, colors, and fabrics on hand, getting dressed to do absolutely nothing will actually be fun!

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