This Is How Much a Disney Princess’ Castle Would Actually Cost

A majestic castle, seen in the distance across a snowy field.

You’ve probably never watched a Disney movie and thought, “Hmm, I wonder how much the mortgage on that palace would be.” Now that the thought is in your brain, though, you might be curious. The cost of such a castle is, well, pretty astounding.

UK-based website Money.co.uk looked at what fictional mortgages would cost in real life, including those iconic Disney castles. The site used games, television, and film to construct the properties’ number of bedrooms and locations and then compared them to real-life counterparts that were as similar as possible. The result is the imagined mortgage payment some seriously iconic fictional digs.

Elsa’s ice castle? Doesn’t so much matter than it’s frigid and made of, well ice. It would still cost you over a cool (no pun intended) $14,500 per month with a total price tag of about $3.5 million. The site even came up with faux marketing materials for the place explaining in a “sales” graphic, “This truly one-off design is made out of one of the most environmentally friendly materials available, reducing your carbon footprint to near enough noting … Ideal for indoor skating, snowball fights, snowman building, and keeping your wine cool at all times.”

A fake listing for Elsa's Ice Palace from the movie Frozen.

If you want to find out what other famous fictional homes—like Schitt’s Creek‘s Rosebud Motel and Harry Potter‘s The Burrow—you can find the full list here.

[via Apartment Therapy]

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