ALDI’s Halloween Cheese Is Back

An assortment of cheese are scattered over a table with crackers and dried meat.

Those without a sweet tooth may not be jumping up and down for aisles and aisles of Halloween candy. But there is a little something spooky for you. ALDI’s Halloween cheese is back for another year, and it may be even more exciting than that mixed bag of candy.

ALDI has brought back its Emporium Selection Halloween cheese, and the flavors are as clever as ever. There are four different cheeses for shoppers to choose from according to the brand’s most recent ALDI Finds. Shoppers can pick up the Bat Knit Crazy Cheddar, the Freaky Franken Sage Derby, the No Rest for the Wicked Wensleydale (which features a sweet strawberry prosecco flavor), or the Pumpkin Spice Wensleydale. The brand has also introduced the Transylvanian Cave Cheese—  both a hard white cheese but one soaked in red wine—that has been “aged in a spine-tingling Romanian salt cave.”

All four have themed spooky packaging to match their names, but don’t worry, ALDI hasn’t done anything weird to their flavors. You’ll still be getting a delicious cheddar—even if it is Bat Knit Crazy. While the flavors and their names are great, the best part is the price. Each one costs just $3.99, and they’re available now in ALDI stores.

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