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These Are the Flowers to Plant in October for a Spring Garden

A woman pulls weeds from a garden.
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Your brain is likely preoccupied with pumpkins and squash at the moment. However, if you want the best warm-weather garden, you’ll want to plant these flowers in October to ensure a bloom-filled spring.

While it may seem a bit counterintuitive, there are some flowers you’ll need to plant in fall to get their gorgeous blooms in spring. One of them is the daffodil. The traditional spring floral is a staple among the first blooms of warmer weather, and to ensure that your garden is filled with you, you actually should be planting them now. Plus, there are tons of varieties you can choose for your garden.

To get the most out of daffodils, you’ll want to plant them in a place that drains water well and gets full sunlight. They’ll need to be about 3″-6″ deep to protect against above-ground temperature changes. There’s little upkeep once they’re in the ground. Water them once when they’re planted, and then with spring comes, you only need to water them moderately throughout the season.

Once spring comes, you’ll have a gorgeous garden of daffodils. But the bloom isn’t the only thing you should be planting now. For more items to plant this fall for a spring garden, you can check out Apartment Therapy’s full list.

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