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15 Coffee Gifts for the Java Lover in Your Life

A latte with cinnamon sprinkled in the shape of a gift box on top.
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Maybe once upon a time, a cup of coffee was just a cup of coffee. These days, though, it’s practically a lifestyle. That’s why any of these coffee accessories will make the perfect gift for that person on your list who’s living her best java life.

From experimenting with frothy foam art to tasting the diverse flavors of global coffee beans, there’s a special gift out there for every coffee addict.

Bodum French Press

Every coffee aficionado understands the importance of starting their morning off with a strong, full-bodied cup of joe. While there are many ways to brew it these days, nothing quite compares to the pure and natural flavors you get from a French press.

The durable design of this model is complete with a spill-proof lid, and it’s also dishwasher safe. There’s no better time than now for your friend to experience the maximum flavor of pure java.

Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder

The Burr Grinder makes a fantastic accompanying gift for the French press above. It avoids all the impurities you get with a blade grinder, so your recipient can experience his coffee exactly as it should be.

It’s a significant upgrade to a blade grinder, with consistent results every time. Transform your loved one’s java-sipping experience forever! Grinding those fresh beans will give him quality flavor every time.

Bodum 11750-01US Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder, One Size, Black

Consistently maximize that delicious coffee flavor.

Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

There’s an entire fan base devoted to the sweet, smooth taste of cold brew. If your friend is part of it, she’ll love this gift! The Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker means she won’t have to drive anywhere (or spend the cash) to enjoy the robust flavor of a good cold brew.

PowerLix Milk Frother Set

If lattes are all the rage for the coffee enthusiast in your life, he or she can now enjoy the silky-smooth quality of foam by frothing up their own drinks.

This battery-operated milk frother comes complete with a storage stand, milk pitcher, and a few decorative stencils. Your friend will love learning the art of frothing and creating artistic designs.

Grosche Milano Moka Espresso Maker

The Grosche Milano Moka Espresso maker sitting on a wooden tray next to a potted plant.

Finding a quality espresso maker can be tricky and expensive. However, a traditional Moka pot will make your friend a strong cup at a much friendlier price.

This one works on multiple heat sources, including a gas or electric stove. If your loved one goes glamping a lot, he or she can even take it along to use on a propane camping stove.

Bean Box World Coffee Tour

What’s the ideal gift for coffee lovers? One that allows them to try brews from all over the world! This Bean Box sampler includes 16 bags of different fresh coffee beans.

It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves coffee and culture.

Coffee Art by Dhan Tamang

Your friend can even take their home barista skills to another level by learning the art of coffee-top designs from latte artists (yes, that’s a thing) in Coffee Art.

After excelling at those frothing skills, your loved one will learn to view that crema as a blank canvas to transform into a unique and artistic design. The step-by-step instructions in this book are perfect for amateurs or experienced baristas looking to hone their craft.

Coffee Art

For those who want to learn from the world's best latte artists.

California Delicious Starbucks Gift Basket

Give the gift of flavor this holiday season with this coffee gift box which features a wide variety of brews so your loved one can try a little bit of everything. Whether they love flavored coffees or are more into classic roasts, something here is bound to tickle their fancy.

Coffee Beanery Coffee Selection Gift Box

What's better than the gift of actual coffee?

Thoughtfully Gifts Gourmet Coffee Toppings Set

Bottles of Peppermint, Vanilla, Amaretto and Cinnamon syrups from the Gourmet Coffee Toppings Set.
Thoughtfully Gifts

Another excellent way to help your friend save a few bucks on fancy flavored coffee is by gifting them this flavorful coffee toppings set. Cinnamon, peppermint, vanilla, and amaretto will be the new go-to flavors for the cold winter months.

YETI Rambler

If your coffee-loving friends still haven’t jumped on the YETI train, they’ll seriously thank you for this gift! It’ll keep their coffee hot all day, and beyond. It also comes in 21 colors, so you can choose a different one for everyone on your list.

Hydro Flask Mug

If a hydro flask is more their style, be sure to wrap this sleek stainless-steel mug for them, instead. Your friends will never have to rewarm their coffee again.

Lavley Novelty Socks

Warm those toes up with these humorous, yet cozy, coffee socks! They’re high-quality, machine-washable, super-comfy, and durable.

They’re the perfect gift for anyone whose birthstone is coffee.

Cute Coffee T-Shirt

Nothing jolts your heart each morning faster than coffee, and this amusing tee confirms it! Your friends can show off their love of caffeine anywhere.

Brooklyn Botany Arabica Coffee Scrub

That’s right! Coffee does so much more than just wake you up in the morning—you can even exfoliate with it!

This natural body scrub moisturizes and soothes skin. It also works wonders on cellulite!

Lulu Candles Espresso Bean Soy Candle

While nothing quite compares with the aroma of freshly brewed java, this scented candle will let your friend enjoy that lovely aroma all day!

There’s nothing quite like that first sip of coffee in the morning. These thoughtful gifts are perfect for anyone in your life who can’t function without a hot cup of joe.

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