Amazon Sells Rainbow Kitchen Utensils & They’re So Cool

a set of rainbow holographic kitchen utensils sit inside a matching round container.

If you want a pop of color in your kitchen but aren’t ready to pick up a paintbrush, you can certainly introduce a lot of color at once with this set of utensils that feature a very intense vaporwave color vibe.

With fall here, you may be in the kitchen more whipping up baked goods, soups, or holiday meals. While sure, you can switch your utensils to themed pieces for every upcoming event like Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can also keep thing festive year around with Amazon’s metallic, duo-chrome rainbow utensil set. The set is from brand Homquen and has 13 tools to cover all your cooking needs, including a potato masher for that upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. All of it is just $44.99.

If, however, you don’t feel that you need every item in the set, you can downsize it to a collection of six utensils that are basics only—a slotted and flat turner, a slotted and cooking spoon, a flexible spatula, and a basting brush—for just $24.99


a collection of 13 metallic kitchen utensils spread out in a semi circle.

Homquen also has a variety of other colorful options you can choose from. The Amazon-based brand offers reusable rainbow straws (which are especially useful now for Starbucks cold beverage lovers), rose gold silverware sets, and iridescent wine glasses.

If you want to bring some color into your kitchen, this may be the place to start.

[Via Delish]

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