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Learn How to Make Oreo Stuffed Halloween Sugar Cookies on TikTok

A package of Halloween Oreos, sugar cookies, and a combo cookie.

A lot of goodies are popular to bake during the fall. From apple pies to snickerdoodles, your home can smell like a bakery 24 hours a day if you want. If you’re looking for something easy to make with your kids, Oreo-stuffed Halloween sugar cookies might be just the thing!

TikTok content creator, @themightychickpea, has an epic dessert for Halloween 2020. This cookie isn’t just a cookie! To make them, you’ll need two versions of Pillsbury’s classic character cookies: the pumpkin, and the ghost. Then, you place a black and orange Halloween Oreo between them.

You then bake them (how isn’t revealed in the video, but following the sugar cookie instructions is likely a good bet). When they’re done, just break apart the cookie to reveal the bright orange Oreo cookie inside.

The best part of the video is Monster Mash playing in the background (get it? Because the cookies are mashed together?).

@themightychickpeaYOU NEED THESE ##halloween ##spookyseason ##halloween2020 ##spookyseason2020 ##oreos ##cookies ##halloweenfood ##halloweenrecipe @monicabeing♬ Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett

If you need an easy, low mess dessert to make this Halloween, give the Halloween Oreo sugar cookies a try!

[Via Delish]

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