Here’s How to Stop Your Cat from Sitting on Your Computer

A cute gray cat sitting on a table with its paws on a laptop.

Sure, it’s adorable to see videos of cats sitting on laptops. It’s not so adorable when it’s your laptop, and you’re trying to work, though. Fortunately, there’s a way to keep your feline friend off your keyboard.

While cats are often called independent, a study from journal PLOS ONE found that they actually mirror their owner’s behaviors and personalities. The warmth of a laptop is a draw for kitty, but their desire to do what you’re doing also comes into play. While this is definitely cute at first, some of us actually need to use our keyboards.

TikTok content creator, @bestcoastbaby, decided to get her cat his own laptop to see what would happen. The computer is likely an old one she still had, but that didn’t matter to her cat. She explained that she’d read a similar study and decided to experiment.

When she pans over to her cat, he’s propped up on his computer.

“Look at this little businessman,” she exclaims.

@bestcoastbabyHe’s got a lot of business to take care of now 😂♬ original sound – That bitch

So, next time your furbaby tries to lie down on your keyboard or crawl into your lap while the computer’s there, grab that old laptop you forgot to donate and put her to work.

[Via PopSugar]

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