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These 9 Simple Upgrades Improve Fire Safety in Your Home

A man installing a new smoke detector.

When it comes to sprucing up your home, upgrading your fire safety equipment isn’t as sexy as new decor. However, it’s an important and inexpensive way to make your home much safer.

Fire Prevention Day is October 9, so what better time is there to do a little planning and improving on the fire safety measures in your home?

We’ve rounded up some items that will make it simple! Below, you’ll find the right kind of fire extinguishers for the different areas in your home. You’ll also find products to help you contain or escape a fire, and inform emergency responders that there are pets in your home.

The Right Fire Extinguishers

The AFG Fireball.
Auto Fire Guard

Fire extinguishers are necessary to contain small fires before they spread and cause more damage. Below are some great options, from basic to state-of-the-art:

  • ABC Fire Extinguisher: These cover all the bases: wood, paper, plastic, trash, oil, gasoline, and electrical fires. This convenient four-pack will ensure you have one for every level in your home.

  • Portable Fire Extinguisher: This small model allows you to spray right into a fire, without spreading chemicals all over. These are ideal for kitchens, as they’re designed to extinguish grease fires.

  • A Backup Extinguisher: Having a backup for any emergency is always ideal. This clever creation is like a combination of an ABC fire extinguisher and a fire grenade. It looks fancy, but you just toss it to set it off and put out fires. Another thing that sets it apart is it will “pop” and react to the presence of fire, even if you’re not there to operate it.

  • Fire Blankets: Another fantastic backup option, these are an affordable way to put out grease and grill fires. Unlike extinguishers, they’re not messy, making them excellent for small fires.

Smoke Detectors

The Google Nest Sensor.

Smoke detectors are an absolute necessity for every home so you can be alerted if there’s a fire even when you’re asleep.

If yours need an upgrade, check out the following options:

  • First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector: Get double the protection for your buck. These are available in both battery-powered and wired designs.

First Alert Powered Alarm SCO5CN Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector, Battery Operated, 1 Pack, White

Whether you're upstairs or across town, this smart alarm will alert you of a fire.

  • Google Nest Smoke Alarm: For folks who want smart home integration, this alarm features an advanced multi-sensor, so it’s a carbon monoxide detector, as well.

  • Carbon Monoxide and Gas Leak Detector: An important addition for your basement or utility room, this detector will alert those with a gas water heater or furnace if there’s a leak.

Other Safety Items

A dog looking out a window with a "Pet Alert" sticker on it.
Spy Spot

Your home can never be “too safe.” Depending on its design and who lives there, you might want to consider picking up the following items, too:

  • A Fire Escape Ladder: If you own a two-story home, this can save lives. It’s affordable and comes in 13 or 25 feet.

  • Pet Alert Stickers: If you have furbabies, these let emergency workers know they’re inside so they can attempt to save them. You should have one on each door, but it’s a good idea to put them on windows, as well, so this six-pack will really come in handy.

Nobody likes to think about a fire breaking out in their home, but with a little planning, you can avoid the worst outcome.

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