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Get More Out of Underbed Storage With These 7 Products

A minimalist bedroom with underbed storage.

Running out of storage space? The empty area under your bed is just waiting to be filled! Even if your bed sits low to the ground, the tips and tricks below will help you utilize that space.

Use Bed Risers

Bed risers are an easy way to add more clearance under your bed for storage. This set of four from Home-it are stackable and will add three to eight inches of height.

They also support up to 1,300 pounds, so they’re sturdy enough to hold your bed and you!

Storage Containers

Three Neaterize cloth bins under a bed.

All sorts of storage containers will work well under the bed. Here are a few options:

  • Cloth bins: These come in all shapes and sizes. This set of three from Neaterize have plastic lids and are made to fit under the bed. They’ll also ensure your stored items stay dust-free.

  • Full-size bins: If you’d rather cram everything in one bin, these from NestNeatly are perfect. They do come in a three-pack, though, so if you have multiple beds in your home, you can store stuff under all of them!

  • Drawer bins: If you want easy access to the items under your bed, these gorgeously crafted wooden bins on wheels are ideal. They roll out with ease for quick viewing, but aren’t ideal for long-term storage or in homes with pets.

  • Plastic bins: If you have pets, you likely want something that will protect your clothing and other storage items from any accidents or fur. This is where a good plastic storage tote, like these basic stackables from Rubbermaid, really comes in handy.

  • DIY bins: Strapped for cash? Make your own storage bins! You don’t need a ton of supplies and you can use a drawer from an old dresser—just make sure it fits under your bed. This is a particularly good cost-saver, as wooden underbed storage units cost a mint. Repurposing an old drawer gives you the same thing at a fraction of the cost!

Condense What You’re Storing

To create even more space in your storage containers, you can vacuum seal any clothing. These AirBaker storage bags come in multiple sizes. You can use your vacuum cleaner to seal them, but they also come with a pump for use when traveling.

Don’t waste precious storage space—use all that room under your bed to stash out-of-season clothing or anything else that needs a home!

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