How to Make Your Own Tortilla Chips According to Chipotle

Three steps of tortilla chips being prepared at Chipotle.

Plenty of restaurants have signature dishes, but Chipotle has several. Now, the chain known for its Tex-Mex has revealed the secret to its tortilla chips.

Sure, you might think they’re just fried tortillas, and you’d be right (partially). However, there are two secret ingredients that give the chips their signature flavor.

In the brand’s recent TikTok video, a batch of triangularly cut tortillas is thrown into a metal bin, dunked in hot oil, and then deep-fried. Since you likely don’t have your own deep fryer at home (if you do, even better!), you can fry the tortillas in a deep skillet.

Then comes the secret. When you pull the tortillas out of the deep fryer, you place them in a large bowl, squeeze fresh lime juice over them, and then salt them. You then shake the chips to distribute the juice and salt before applying another round.

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If you don’t want to fry your own chips or deal with boiling oil, give Chipotle’s guacamole or corn salsa a shot! Next time you’re craving Chipotle, you might be able to DIY it!

[Via Delish]

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