Your Walmart Might Be Getting a Makeover

A woman sliding an item over the scanner at a self-checkout in a Walmart.

Next time you visit your local Walmart, things might look quite different. The intent of the new look is to create a cohesive experience between online and in-store shopping.

Walmart locations will be getting a facelift courtesy of the company’s app. The big-box retailer is updating its signage and layouts to be more aligned with the digital platform. Some of the changes include what the brand deems an “omni-shopping” experience, fusing its digital platform with the in-store experience.

Customers will now see bold iconography reminiscent of the Walmart app and be encouraged to use it to shop. In-app options will include price checks and where certain items are located in your local store.

According to the press release, Walmart was inspired by new designs at airports to direct large amounts of foot traffic. Stores will also use signage to highlight certain products and create more defined sections for items like electronics, toys, and baby products.

Stores will also implement contactless payment—customers will be able to pay via the app simply by scanning a QR code at the register.

A produce section at Walmart.

Walmart has already started rolling out and testing these changes in select stores and is “excited by” the reception they’ve received. The chain will continue to introduce the new looks throughout the fall and evaluate them based on more customer and associate feedback.

If your local Walmart gets a makeover, it’s all thanks to the hybrid digital shopping experience.

[Via Fortune]

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