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8 Must-Have Winter Entryway Upgrades

A foyer with three pairs of boots sitting under a bench and coatrack

Wet boots and snow-covered caps are just around the corner. But before your mudroom or entryway becomes a slushy, muddy mess, prepare for winter with these must-have items.

Avoid Puddles with a Boot Tray

Boot tray

Boot trays prevent winter boots from leaving mud and water puddles throughout the house. Whether you have carpet or hardwood, no one wants a soaked or stained floor. That’s why boot trays are a must-have this winter if people will be coming and going a lot.

The JobSite Heavy Duty Boot Tray will easily hold up in even the busiest households. It has enough room for multiple pairs of boots, plus, you get two! They also double in the summer to keep dirt off your floors or as pet mats for messy dogs and cats.

Keep Those Boots Dry

A pair of boots and gloves on the LAVIEAIR Boot Dryer, next to two apple crates, each with a pair of boots inside.

Boot dryers will dry those wet boots much faster. They’re perfect for when the kids come in after building a snowman or after you shovel the walk.

We like the following boot dryers:

  • For the whole family: If you need to dry more than one pair at a time, this one by LAVIEAIR can do it! You can simultaneously dry up to two pairs of boots, or a pair of boots and gloves. It even has a timer.

  • Compact: If you don’t need, or have space for, a family-size dryer, this one by Kooder is an affordable option. It’ll keep your winter boots or even your sweaty workout shoes dry.

Hang Up Those Coats

The HOMEKOKO Coat Rack with a jacket and ball cap hanging on it, a bag sitting on the top shelf, and pair of shoes on the bottom rack.

Why hang coats on basic hooks, when you can invest in a stylish coat rack for your mudroom or entryway? This one by HOMEKOKO has space for shoes, as well as a basket for gloves and hats.
It’ll help you keep your outdoor wear more organized and give it a place to dry on wet days.

Don’t Forget Rugs and Floor Mats

A man with wet boots standing on the Refetone Absorbent Mat with a leashed dog.

Rugs are excellent for all seasons! They help catch all the dirt, mud, and muck that gets tracked in from outside so it won’t mess up your floors.

If you’re looking to add a few, we recommend the following:

  • A tough outdoor mat: Tired of the family tapping their boots off on your door jamb? Put mats outside the doors of your home so everyone has a place to stomp the snow off their boots before they come inside. You’ll want to keep it clear of snow, though! This heavy-duty mat from PLUS Haven isn’t fancy, but it’ll do the job. You can also get it with a message or graphic.

  • An indoor water-absorbent rug: The Refetone doormat is perfect for all seasons, especially if you have kids or pets, or work outside. Not only does it absorb moisture, but it also catches dirt so no one will track it through the house.

Storage for Hats, Gloves, and Scarves

A wall-mounted coat rack with storage cubbies and hooks.
HBCY Creations

You have to pile on the hats, gloves, scarves, and coats to stay warm in the winter, but you also need a convenient place to store them all.

Both of the following options offer ideal storage for all your winter outerwear:

  • A coatrack with drawers: This rustic coatrack from HBCY Creations adds some extra hanging space, as well as drawers for gloves and hats. You can also hang those winter scarves on the hooks.

  • Collapsible storage baskets: This set of three has a classic look that will work with any coatrack and provide space for gloves and other winter accessories. You can keep them on a shelf or just place them on the floor to give little hands easier access.

These stylish additions to your entryway will keep things neat and organized. They’ll also help you keep that nasty winter slush off your floors, and your boots dry.

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