These Cats Dressed as Mail Carriers Are a Serotonin Boost

Two cats dressed as a postal worker and UPS driver sit in front of a doorway.
Eric and Ollie/Instagram

Sometimes, the internet can feel overwhelming, but like all things there are still bright spots. These cats dressed as mail carriers is one of them.

Cats Eric and Ollie—whose Instagram you can find over at @eric_and_ollie—were dressed as a postal service worker and a UPS driver for Halloween. The customers feature everything from a faux box that the furry creatures now look as though they are carrying to hats, shirts, and pants. Thanks to the fact that one of the cats is a Persian and the other an Exotic Shorthair, their fluffy grumpy faces in the costumes may be even better than the outfits themselves. Some commenters, though, asked the question that many cat owners are likely wondering about: How did their owner even get the cats in those outfits without major injury?

If you want to attempt to do the same with your own cats (or dogs), there are more than enough costumes to go around. Petco’s Bootique is filled with fun options, and other big box retailers like Target also offer pet costumes. While you may not be able to find the pair’s exact mail carrier costumes, you can still celebrate Halloween with your furry friend.

[Via PopSugar]

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