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Holiday 2020: 15 Awesome Gifts for Dancers

From left to right: an elastic stretching band, a woman dancing wearing warmup booties, and a woman stretching with a static loop band.

If you have a dancer in your group of friends or family members, it’s safe to assume they’ll love receiving a dance-related gift this holiday season. Here are our 15 best gifts for dancers!

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are a dancer’s best friend. They keep muscles warm on even the coldest rehearsal mornings, protecting them from strain and injury. No matter how many pairs they already own, your friend will be thrilled to get more. It’s something they use every single day.

This stirrup set of two with a beautiful weave design is made out of soft cotton. They also have an open-heel feature that allows them to be worn over your friend’s favorite pair of ballet or ballroom shoes. They’ll ensure the tendons and ligaments of their feet stay warm, as well.

A Regular Stretching Band

Stretching is a regular part of every dancer’s daily routine. Sometimes, additional tools are necessary to get into deeper poses and progress faster. This popular stretching band by PlumBand is strong and made of premium-grade, natural rubber for great resistance and thickness.

It’s just as amazing for stretching as it is for muscle strengthening and warming up before a big show. It makes the perfect gift for any dancer in your life.

A Looped Stretching Band

Woman stretching with a looped stretching band.

Another great stretching invention is the multi-looped, non-elastic strap. It’s meant to provide even more stability when someone enters a deeper stretch. This one from SANKUU features 12 loops and provides optimal resistance, while never losing its shape.

Made out of durable, long-lasting nylon, it helps increase the range of motion, improves flexibility, and also aids in physical therapy when specific exercises are introduced. If you have a dancer or gymnast in your life, they’ll absolutely adore finding this under the tree.

A Turning Board

If your friend is working on her pirouettes, she’ll be in need of a good, sturdy turning board like this one from TTolbi. It helps improve body awareness and alignment, while simultaneously strengthening the core and leg muscles, and building better balance.

It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to carry in a workout bag so your friend can practice whenever she feels like it.

A Balance Board

Another great tool your dancer friend will love is this Vive Fit Balance Board. It’ll help him work on his core, and strengthen his entire body, as he improves his balance and focus. It’s a great gift for any fitness fanatic, but especially for dancers. It can help them perform better in their ballet shoes or dancing heels.

Made out of sturdy wood with a full 360-degree-rotation feature, it allows up to 15 degrees of tilt, making it perfect for strengthening the ankles, calves, and feet.

A Workout Bag

Dancers can’t live without a reliable workout bag with tons of compartments to hold everything they need for rehearsals and shows. This awesome PUMA Duffel Bag checks every box and makes packing everything effortless.

Any dancer in your life will be thrilled to receive it this holiday season, so make sure you put it on your shopping list.

PUMA Evercat Women's Candidate Duffel Bag

A workout bag that checks every box.

Dancing Shoes

A good pair of dancing shoes is a must when they’re required onstage. Although rentals are a reality for many dancers, owning their own pair makes a huge difference. That’s why gifting someone a pair this year would be the perfect way to show them you care.

Below are a few of our recommendations:

Dancing Tights

Women's legs wearing black dancing tights.

When it comes to dancing tights, it’s hard to find a better option than Bloch. The company has been a pioneer in dancewear and accessories since 1932. Its collections are endless, so no matter what the dancer in your life needs, you’ll easily be able to find it.

These footed, contoured tights are one of Bloch’s most popular items. They’re extremely soft and comfortable, with a wide knit waistband that won’t cut into the skin. They’re perfect for rehearsals and performances.

Dancing Socks

Another amazing product from Bloch is its dancing socks. They’re necessary to warm-up and protect the feet from harsh surfaces. Additionally, some studios and theaters have multipurpose dance floors that are hard to glide and turn on when barefoot.

These amazing Blochsox have a patented technology that offers better stability during turns, increased support for jumps, and encourages perfection in lines. They’re the perfect gift for any ballet, contemporary, jazz, or ballroom dancer in your life.

Bloch Women's BlochSox Ballet Flat, Sand Knit, 3-5

For perfecting those pirouettes and jumps.

A Portable Makeup Bag

Makeup is a big part of a dancer’s life. Every time they step on stage, they transform into a different person. That’s why an awesome portable makeup bag, like this one from Kootek, will be greatly appreciated by any of your dancing friends. It’ll make applying makeup so much easier and more organized.

Designed with two layers, it has plenty of space for all kinds of products and accessories. The multiple specialty dividers and compartments will keep everything neat and handy.

Tiger Balm

Sore muscles and annoying little sprains and injuries are part of a dancer’s life. That’s why a trusty muscle rub, like the famous Tiger Balm, is a must-have for their workout bag. It’s the perfect aid for all pains and sore spots, so don’t forget to add a tub for yourself!

Tiger Balm Muscle Rub, 2 oz – Packaging May Vary

Strong like a tiger, but gentle on the skin.

Magic Bun Maker

Any dancer with long hair will tell you that creating the perfect hair bun isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. It involves a ton of pulling and pinning to get it right.

Still, it’s necessary when performing on stage, so make her hairstyling routine easier with this Hawwwy Three-Piece Bun Maker Set. They’re lightweight and super easy to use, so there’s no unnecessary pulling and pain.

The brand also offers plenty of video tutorials on how to use these to create a perfect dancer’s bun without any pins or clips. Genius!

Garment Bags

If the dancer in your life often performs, good-quality garment bags are a must for costumes.  Plixio’s Black Garment Bags are made from high-quality materials that protect clothing and are easy to carry around without the fear of damaging them.

They shield clothes from pollutants and pests, and also feature a transparent window so you can see what’s inside. Your recipient will be able to immediately find the right costume for the right performance.

A Foot Massager

Dancers always have really tired feet. If you get them a foot massager this year, they’ll jump for joy—tired feet or not. The TheraFlow Dual Massager is the perfect thing for sore, beat-up feet that need a proper massage every night.

It combines massage with reflexology to target all the sore spots and release the tension that can easily spread upward toward the calves and thighs. It’s also lightweight and portable, so your friend can easily carry it with them to rehearsals or when traveling.

Warm-Up Booties

Colorful bloch warm up booties for dancers.

Many dance rehearsals take place early in the morning before the heating has kicked on in the studio. While multiple layers of clothing and leg warmers are a given, dancers are usually barefoot or only wearing socks.

That’s where warm-up booties come in! They keep feet warm and protected while they go through a warm-up routine.

This amazing pair by Bloch can be worn both indoors and out, making the transition from street to studio easy and effortless. They’re breathable, lightweight, and also have a foamed footbed that makes them cushioned and comfortable. Dancers can wear them throughout class or rehearsal!

Dancing requires some serious accessories, and you’ll find 15 of the best gift ideas right here. Happy holiday shopping!

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