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Holiday 2020: 16 Fun Gifts for Plant Lovers

Someone misting plants with a small floral sprayer.

Shopping for someone who’s actively trying to turn their home into a private jungle? We’ve rounded up some pretty adorable (and useful) gifts for all the plant lovers in your life.

There’s so much to love about houseplants: the pretty greenery, the artistic containers, the thrill of a new leaf or bloom, and more. Both new plant owners and long-term green thumbs are sure to adore these gifts.

Succulent Candles

Three succulent candles burning on a table.

Houseplants plus candles: it’s the ultimate home decor combo! These cute little succulent candles light up a home without taking up much space. The set of six includes surprisingly realistic shapes. They’re almost too cute to burn.

Macramé Plant Hangers

Plant hangers like these are another great gift for someone with limited space. Plus, hanging plants always create a fun display! This set of two hangers is designed to fit 4- to 6-inch pots. They’re also versatile and can be used indoors or out.

A Plant Journal

A plant journal is an excellent gift, especially for novice planters or those with growing collections. They can record when and how to care for each plant. This makes it easy to check and see when something was last watered or which potting soil it needs.

This journal has space for an inventory list, plant profiles, water and fertilizing trackers, and more.

Plant Mister

A plant mister is a wonderfully useful gift that also looks pretty. It comes in several beautiful colors, including dark green and bright amethyst. It’s also fun to use and doubles as a decoration you can display alongside plants.

Plant-Patterned Totes

A woman carrying a cactus-pattern tote bag over her arm.

Plants make fantastic home decor, but they can also make a fashion statement. With these fun watercolor totes, plant lovers can display their passion for their hobby while running errands (or buying more plants).

Made of durable cotton canvas, these are available in several botanical prints, including sunflowers or a purple floral.

Throw Pillows

The thing about decorating with plants is it’s difficult to go overboard. Adding more plants or plant motifs can make any home look lush and inviting.

Throw pillows are a simple way to up the green factor in any room. These simple plant designs on a white background will also go with almost any decor.

Wild at Home By Hilton Carter

Help a plant lover take his or her decorating skills to the next level! Wild at Home is all about styling and caring for plants. Author Hilton Carter is an interior stylist famous for his decadent and creative methods of plant decor. It’s a fun read, packed with helpful tips and gorgeous photography.

The Drunken Botanist By Amy Stewart

Know a plant lover who’d rather mix a drink than redecorate? The Drunken Botanist is for them!

This fun guidebook uses plants to explore drinking traditions. After all, plants are a key ingredient in every alcoholic drink: grapes make wine, rice makes sake, and barley makes beer.

Author Amy Stewart blends history, botany, and mixology for a whole new look at boozy beverages. And yes, there are drink recipes!

The Drunken Botanist

Botany and booze? Yes, please!

Ceramic Planters

Two houseplants in white marble and gold planters.

This pretty set of planters have a marble texture offset with gold for an upscale look without the high cost. They’re made of clay and glazed by hand. They’ll look perfect displayed together or among other plants and planters.

An Herb Garden Kit

An herb garden kit is the perfect gift for someone who’s just getting into plants, or a green thumb who also loves to cook. Who wouldn’t want to pick their own herbs from the kitchen windowsill as they make dinner?

This starter kit makes it easy. It includes essential herb seeds like basil, parsley, and thyme, plus everything necessary to make them thrive.

An Herbal Candle

Candles look nice sitting near plants. They can also help bring the best botanical scents to life. This candle smells like rhubarb and herbs, with a hint of citrus for contrast. It has a wooden wick and comes in a beautiful glass container that can be repurposed after burning.

A Watering Can

Someone watering a plant with a copper watering can.

All plants need water, but you can do it in style! Watering cans don’t have to be boring and practical looking. This copper can has a sculptural shape that’s definitely worth displaying.

The long spout looks cool, but also helps when watering small or hard-to-reach plants.

Bonsai Starter Kit

For the plant lover who isn’t commitment-shy, give the gift of slow-growing bonsai! This starter kit includes four seed types that will grow into a small collection.

While bonsai are famously difficult to care for, this kit makes it simple. It’s ideal for both beginners and experienced gardeners.

Wine Glasses

This pretty set of four wine glasses will elevate every sip. Each glass features a different vintage-style botanical illustration: a sunflower, sweet pea, poppy, and hydrangea. They’re the perfect complement to a plant-filled home!

Ceramic Hanging Planters

As we mentioned above, hanging planters are an easy way to make a statement. This set of three indoor/outdoor planters are a striking way to display plants, especially when they’re hung together at different heights.

The neutral white and basic shape of these really allow the color and texture of plants to stand out. These are also versatile—the straps can be removed if your recipient would rather set them on a shelf or windowsill.

Smart Garden Kit

Looking for a more upscale gift? This smart garden kit uses technology to make indoor gardening easier. You simply add the included plant pods and some water, and then turn on the power—that’s it!

It even includes grow lights, so the plants won’t even need natural light. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

If someone you love enjoys growing and caring for plants, they’re sure to adore something (or maybe a few somethings) on this list. So, get to shopping and share the spirit of growth this year!

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