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These Are the Most Popular Fall Activities

A family shovels leaves into a wheelbarrow.
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Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing, and people are beginning to embrace all things fall. But what are the most popular fall activities? One survey found out.

A survey by marshmallow brand Stuffed Puffs conducted by OnePoll questioned 2,000 people on all things fall. From ideal temperatures (53 degrees) to if they feel happier during the season (they do), the survey takers had illuminating answers and revealed the most popular fall activities. Turns out, everyone loves leaves. Watching foliage turn its autumnal orange, gold, and red is the top activity for the season.

However, if taking a drive through the countryside isn’t really on the top of your list, the survey did find that people also love feeling the first chill in the air (though that’s debatable as an “activity”). Food and drink were also at the top of the list, though, with drinking hot chocolate and making soup hitting the top five activities.

If you want to create a to-do list for the season, these top activities may be good options.

[Via People]


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