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Build Some History with These Gorgeous 3D Puzzles

3D puzzles of various iconic landmarks.

Looking for something new in the puzzle world? Whether you’re burned out on plain old flat tabletop puzzles or you just want to skip to the 3D experience altogether, these models are a fun hands-on-history experience.

You can assemble your favorite building from Harry Potter, the Roman Colosseum, or a ton of other cool replicas right on your dining room table. They make great gifts, too!

Roman Colosseum (131 Pieces)

The Roman Colosseum 3D puzzle, fully assembled.

Imagine a time when men fought lions and bears in front of a cheering crowd. It’s not hard to do after you build this beautiful replica of the Roman Colosseum. With only 131 pieces, this puzzle is perfect for puzzle lovers of all ages.

The Walt Disney Castle (216 Pieces)

The Disney Castle 3D puzzle box.

Disney brings joy to kids and adults alike, and this 3D Disney Castle puzzle from Ravensburger will definitely make you feel like you’re part of the story. Not all amazing architecture comes from reality—fictional buildings are often even more awe-inspiring.

Buckingham Palace (216 Pieces)

The assembled 3D Puzzle of Buckingham Palace.

If you want a puzzle that’s more fitting for adult fun, this replica of Buckingham Palace is sure to delight. Not only is the completed building gorgeous to look at, but it also has LED lights so you can let it glow at night. You’ll feel like a royal whenever you stroll through your living room and see this beautiful palace.

St. Basil’s Cathedral (224 Pieces)

A 3D puzzle version of St. Basil's Cathedral with LED lights.

Filled with extravagant colors and a beautiful design, St. Basil’s Cathedral is a wonderful puzzle to put together as a family—especially over the holidays. The building itself features vivid colors, but this 3D cathedral puzzle also includes LED lights. This allows you to get the full effect of those beautiful cathedral windows.

Notre Dame (293 Pieces)

The complete 3D Notre Dame Puzzle.

While 293 pieces might not seem like much, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this puzzle. It opens up from the middle, so you can explore beautiful Notre Dame after you complete it.

Diagon Alley (450 Pieces)

Completed Diagon Alley 3D puzzle.

Need a new wand? Craving a Butterbeer? Build this 3D version of Diagon Alley from Wrebbit puzzles and you can imagine all the Harry Potter shopping scenarios you want. With 450 pieces, this one is a fun project for both kids and adults.

Wrebbit also has other puzzles from the land of Harry Potter, including The Burrow and Hogwarts.

The White House (490 Pieces)

The completed White House 3D Puzzle.

You’ll enjoy building this replica of The White House from the ground up. With 490 pieces, this Wrebbit 3D puzzle is a bit of a challenge, but it remains fun for the entire family.

Whether you’ve ever visited 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW or not, you’ll enjoy the view when you’ve finished this puzzle.

One World Trade Center (875 Pieces)

One World Trade Center with adjacent buildings, rendered as a 3D puzzle.

As part of Wrebbit’s New York Collection of 3D puzzles, you can recapture a piece of history with this One World Trade Center puzzle. Along the base of the tower, you’ll also build some other famous New York landmarks, including Battery Park and Brookfield Place.

Downton Abbey (890 Pieces)

The Downton Abbey castle rendered in 3D puzzle form.

Downton Abbey fans will love the challenge of building this replica of the Crawley’s famous estate. This famous, but not fictional, castle is sure to add an aristocratic flair to your home.

Highclere Castle really exists and if you’re unable to visit in person, you’ll be able to do so after you assemble this 890-piece 3D puzzle. You’ll want to don some fancy gloves and a bowtie after you complete this beauty!

The Taj Mahal (950 Pieces)

The completed Taj Mahal 3D Puzzle sitting next to its box.

With nearly 1,000 pieces, you can bet this 3D replica of the Taj Mahal will pose a serious challenge even for the savviest puzzlers. You’ll be impressed with the finished product, though. After all, it’s a Wonder of the World, so you can’t go wrong when you display this gorgeous replica in your home.

Puzzles are a fantastic alternative to endless TV binging. They give your brain a workout and provide a fun activity for the whole family.

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