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Holiday 2020: 15 Brilliant Gifts for the Grill Master in Your Life

An oak grilling plank with two freshly grilled steaks resting on it, surrounded by holiday decorations.
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We all know that one person who can’t go a season without grilling up their favorite flame-kissed meal in the backyard. The only problem at holiday time is finding a handy accessory or tool they don’t already own. But don’t worry—that’s where we come in!

BBQ Gloves and Meat Claws Set

If that griller in your life doesn’t yet own a pair of meat claws, now’s the time to introduce him or her to these handy tools. There’s no better way to pull apart beef, chicken, or pork than with these unbeatably convenient meat shredders.

This set also includes an instant-read thermometer to ensure everything is cooked to the desired degree of doneness. It also comes with a pair of heat-resistant gloves for easy handling without burning precious fingers.

Kona BBQ Grill Mat

A barbecue grill mat is an accessory not many people know about, but it’s also invaluable! These nonstick mats can withstand heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, you can use them up to 1,000 times on each side.

Your friend will be able to avoid messy cleanup and easily grill anything his heart desires without using any extra unhealthy oils. These also work for multiple grills, including Weber, Kamado, Char-Broil, and many more.

Kosin Magnetic Grill Lights

You never know when an unexpected nighttime grilling session will be in order. When the occasion arises, your recipient will need some ultrabright lights, like these from Kosin, so she can watch those steaks sizzle.

The powerful magnetic bases mean no tricky installation—your friend can simply pop these wherever she needs them. Best of all, the flexible goosenecks mean she can shine that light in any direction.

Craft Beer and Whiskey Seasonings

Four small jars of CRAFT Spice Blends presented with a red packaging gift box set on a white background.
Craft Spice Blends

Many chefs and home grillers make their own personal seasoning and dry rub blends. Every now and then, though, convenience wins out! These craft beer and whiskey seasonings are both tasty and appropriate for anyone who loves grilling with a cold brew in hand.

Universal Rotisserie Kit

Keep the heat out of the kitchen with this rotisserie kit. Fit for any grill, your recipient will love slow roasting pork, turkey, or a whole chicken any time with this powerful motor.

If he thought that grill was only good for tossing food directly on the grates, wait until he tries this baby!

Cuisinart Pizza Grilling Set

Your loved one will be able to mimic the crisp, heavenly taste of brick oven pizza with this ceramic set. It’s fit for any pellet, charcoal, or propane grill. The stone helps evenly distribute the heat, so a pizza is never left with burned spots.

The set also includes a pizza peel, which is basically a giant spatula to move a pizza without losing any of those precious toppings. This set also includes a shiny new pizza wheel for easily cutting those pretty slices.

Cuisinart CPS-445, 3-Piece Pizza Grilling Set, Stainless Steel

Creates the authentic flavor of brick oven pizza!

Wildwood Grilling Plank Pack

Two haddock filets seasoned with fresh herbs, capers, and lemon wheels, on a Wildwood Grilling plank.
Wildwood Grilling

Grilled fish, seafood, and chicken come to life when paired with wooden planks fresh off the grill. These all-natural, food-safe certified planks are sustainably made in the U.S. and will turn a basic dinner into a restaurant-worthy creation every time.

The flavors included are red oak, cherry, maple, hickory, cedar, and alder.

Project Smoke by Steven Raichlen

A master of the art of smoking, Steven Raichlen leads grillers through the process in this step-by-step guide, which also includes 100 recipes, and much more.

Your fave griller will learn how to transform that grill into an operative smoking machine using Raichlen’s expert techniques. Whether it’s brisket, salmon, ribs—you name it, your friend will learn how to smoke it.

Instant-Read Meat Thermometer

One of the most personal touches any griller can offer their guests is cooking steaks or burgers to everyone’s desired degree of doneness.

This instant-read thermometer will help your recipient do just that, every single time.

Meat Smoking and Temperature Guide

Along with a meat thermometer, your friend will love this handy Meat Smoking and Temperature Guide, which magnetically sticks to any grill. Then, if someone wants a medium-rare burger, your friend will know to cook it between 130-135 degrees Fahrenheit with just a glance.

Alpha Grillers Heavy Duty Grilling Tools Set

Yes, we know your favorite griller already has a deluxe set of grilling tools. But, just in case that spatula, fork, or set of tongs is rusting or dying out, we’ve added a set of our favorites.

Cuisinart Sauce Pot and Basting Brush Set

Someone lifting the Cuisinart basting brush out of its sauce pot.

A basting brush is a must-have for any grilling pro, but this brush and saucepot combo set takes things to another level. The canister holds up to 16 ounces of sauce, perfect for even the largest cuts of meat.

Your recipient will also never have to worry about where to set his messy brush again, as this one fits snuggly over the pot. The brush is also safely secure from flies trying to land in that sticky-sweet sauce.

12 Pack of Kabob Skewers

Say goodbye to burnt wooden skewers and hello to reusable stainless-steel shish kebob sticks! These skewers are heat-proof, rust-resistant, and come with a convenient storage pouch.

Beer Can Chicken Roasters

If the rotisserie kit we included above is a bit extra for the grilling enthusiast in your life, this wire rack roaster is the runner-up. They’ll love serving up the tastiest, tenderest chicken their guests have ever had.

The roaster cooks a whole chicken upright and your recipient can use his or her favorite can of beer for a steam session. As a bonus, when you cook a chicken upright, it means the breast is farther from the heat source, so you can avoid a totally dry bird.

Street Food Sauce Sampler

Thoughtfully Gifts always deliver gorgeously wrapped samplers fit for any occasion. This Street Food Sampler includes three barbecue, two hot, and two wing sauces your friend will love.

Whether the griller in your life grills all winter or has to wait for spring, you’re sure to find something on this list he or she will love.

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