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Holiday 2020: 11 Gifts for Anyone Who Works From Home Now

Examples of great gifts for people working from home like an ergonomic chair, an espresso machine, and noise-cancelling headphones.

Chances are good that a few people you’re close to will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. Make their experience better with any of these gifts that are perfect for anyone who’s working from home.

Given the current state of COVID-19, it’s possible many people you know won’t be back at the office until some point in 2021. While working remotely definitely has its perks, it has some downsides, too.

Being in your home all day can not only be distracting, but it can also lead to a sedentary lifestyle. That’s why gifts that make someone more comfortable while working from home, while also encouraging productivity and motivation are ideal. Below are some great options.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Not everyone has the luxury of working in a quiet, empty home. Most people are there with their kids, their partners, and/or other family members. This means things can get pretty noisy, so a really nice set of noise-canceling headphones, like the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, make a really special gift.

They offer three levels of noise cancellation, so you can really buckle down and focus on work without any distractions. You can also use the Bose app to control them, and they’re Alexa-enabled to make life even more convenient.

L’or de Seraphine Aromatherapy Energize Set

L'or de Seraphine Aromatherapy Energize Set
L’or de Seraphine

A really beautiful candle set is a nice gift for anyone because it’s probably something they’d never buy for themselves. Candles are also nice to have around when you’re spending a lot of time in your home. They smell so nice while you’re working away.

This L’or de Seraphine Aromatherapy Energize Set is particularly great, as it includes fragrances meant to make you feel more energized and alert. The Mansour Marrakech candle features notes of lemon, bergamot, and gingery citrus to excite the senses, while the Maia has notes of grapefruit, lily of the valley, and coriander to brighten your mood.

As a bonus, they come in gorgeous packaging and the tins are so pretty, your recipient will want to reuse them. He or she can simply clean them out after they’ve burned through the candles and use them for storage.

Garmin Venu SQ Watch

When you work from home, it’s easy to roll out of bed and head straight to the couch for the rest of the day. But a fitness watch, like the Garmin Venu SQ, might motivate you to get a little more active and get those steps in.

This watch is not only sleek, but it also has tons of features. It monitors everything, including your energy levels, respiration, hydration, stress, sleep, menstrual cycles, estimated heart rate, steps, and more.

You can even download songs to it and connect via wireless headphones for phone-free listening. Plus, if you want to start working out at home, there are more than 20 preloaded sports apps that will help you out.

Clever Fox Planner

If you’re unsure what to get for someone, a planner is usually a pretty safe bet. This one from Clever Fox will help your friend stay on top of everything, no matter how much it piles up. It also looks really nice, and even comes with a gift box to keep it safe.

This premium planner has tons of space and a simple layout for writing daily tasks and appointments. There are also monthly review pages to help you stay on top of your goals. Plus, since it’s undated, it can be used any time of the year. It also has a space for goals you want to achieve to keep you inspired.

The beautiful cover, durable paper, pen holder, and stickers for decorating make this an ideal gift.

Universal Yums Subscription

Universal Yums Subscription
Universal Yums

It’s nice to be stocked up on really good snacks when you’re working from home, and a snack subscription box is a really unique way to do this. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving because your friend doesn’t just get one box, she’ll get a few, every couple of weeks.

Universal Yums is a fun choice. Each month is dedicated to a different country, so your recipient will get snacks he’s never heard of, snacks he’s always wanted to try, or snacks he never thought he would try. Each box includes a booklet that explains all the items, and they’re really fun to receive, and then devour.

Ubfen Slippers

One awesome thing about working from home is you don’t have to wear shoes—socks or slippers will do just fine. As such, it’s nice to have a good pair of slippers on hand, especially as we get into the colder months. This memory foam pair from Ubfen works well for both men and women.

Made of a breathable knit upper, they keep feet cozy without making them feel overheated. The fluffy, plush lining is also soothing and toasty. The nonslip rubber sole also makes them easy to wear inside or out, and the simple design goes with everything.

Cubii Under Desk Elliptical

If you know someone who’s been trying to stay more active while working from home, you might want to consider getting them the Cubii Under Desk Elliptical. This luxe gift is such a cool idea! It allows you to get a bit of a workout while sitting on your couch or at your desk.

This compact elliptical allows you to burn up to 125 calories each hour. It’s super quiet and smooth, and especially great for those who are looking for something low-impact. You can use it with the Cubii app, which syncs with your phone, Fitbit, or Apple Health Kit. Then, you can keep track of your distance pedaled, calories burned, and more!

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

If you know someone who drinks coffee or tea all day, consider nabbing them this Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug. It keeps drinks hot for an extended period. This means your friend can forget all about that cup of coffee for a while, and it’ll still taste good whenever she remembers to drink it.

This smart mug is controlled via a smartphone app, where your friend can set the temperature, customize presets, receive notifications, and more. The mug also enters a sleep mode whenever it’s empty and wakes up when it senses movement or liquid. It also features a scratch-resistant, ceramic coating that’s safe to hand wash.

Atlas Coffee Cub

Atlas Coffee Cub
Atlas Coffee Cub

If the person you’re buying for makes their own coffee every day, the Atlas Coffee Club is a really nice subscription gift idea. The service sends one or two bags (your choice) of curated coffee from some of the best growing regions in the world.

Each bag also includes brewing recommendations and a postcard from each country. The real focus is on the coffee, all of which is interesting and delicious. You can choose a three-, six-, or 12-month subscription as a gift that keeps on giving.

Breville Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Maybe the person you’re buying for prefers lattes and cappuccinos to regular old coffee. If they don’t already have a Nespresso machine, they definitely need one, and the Breville Vertuo is an excellent option.

It also couldn’t be easier to use—think of it as a Keurig machine for espresso (although, it makes regular coffee, too). Coffee like this often gets a bad name, but Nespresso is delicious and the convenience is beyond worth it. This machine is what ended our every-morning Starbucks trips.

You can also get the machine with the Aeroccino if your friend prefers perfectly foamy milk.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

The Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair is a unique gift that also isn’t overly expensive. Created by health and fitness experts, it provides a flexible seat that also promotes proper back alignment to relieve the pain and soreness that often come from sitting down all day.

Since you have to balance on this chair, you also have to move around. This engages your mind and body, which can increase productivity and focus. It’s not uncomfortable or very large, and it’s better than just sitting on an exercise ball since it also has a back support.

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