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Holiday 2020: 19 Great Gifts for Cats and Their Doting Owners

A woman holding a wrapped gift out to a cute orange and white cat.
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Cats might not know what the date is, but pet owners still enjoy getting holiday gifts for their pets. Whether you’re shopping for your own cat or someone else’s, the suggestions below are sure to please!

The best cat gifts are fun for felines, but make caring for them easier for their owner. From engaging toys to essential gadgets, brighten up the holidays for cats and their people with these ideas.

Classic Catnip Toys

Three catnip mice.

Most cats respond to catnip, which causes a burst of happy energy. This means catnip-infused toys are a great way to get cats to play more.

Play can keep an active cat out of trouble, or help a lazy cat get the exercise they need. With catnip toys, cats can often entertain themselves. They also might take a much-needed nap after the “hunt.” These inexpensive, yet effective, toys provide cats with endless entertainment.

Irresistible Catnip Spray

Combining a toy and catnip is handy, but, eventually, the catnip gets old and the magic fades. That’s where catnip spray comes in. Not only can it give any toy a burst of catnip, but it also has other uses.

For example, having trouble getting your cat to use his scratching post? Give it a little spritz of catnip spray! Your cat will start to associate his scratching post with good kitty vibes. This concentrated spray makes it easy peasy to add catnip to anything from bedding to toys.

Kong Natural Catnip Spray Size:Pack of 3

A few spritzes and kitty will be over the moon!

The Thrill of the Feather Toy

While it’s healthy for cats to play by themselves or with each other, it’s also important that they play with their owners. It provides much-needed stimulation and bonding time.

A feather toy is one of the easiest interactive options. Many cats respond well to bird-like toys, and it creates the perfect opportunity for bonding.

Tasty Holiday Treats

Temptations is one of the most popular cat-treat brands and it has some fun new holiday-themed treats in turkey and sweet potato flavors.

At less than two calories per treat, they’ll prevent kitty from packing on the holiday pounds. Whether you give treats as a reward or just because, cat owners should always have a stash of Temptations on hand!

A Challenging Puzzle Toy

Know a cat that needs some help maintaining or losing weight? A puzzle toy is a fun solution!

Cats who need more physical activity can be motivated to move by trying to get food out of a puzzle toy. It rewards them for being active, while also promoting healthier, slower eating habits.

Organic Cat Grass

A white cat sniffing cat grass.
The Cat Ladies

Have you ever seen a cat eat grass? This might seem strange, but it’s actually perfectly normal. Indoor cats will love a chance to eat grass, too, with this cat grass growing kit.

Researchers aren’t sure why cats eat grass, but they think it might be an instinctual habit that promotes digestive health. A source of indoor cat grass will ensure your kitties can indulge their instincts safely.

A Sturdy Scratching Post

Most scratching posts are terribly designed. They’re usually too short, wobbly, and covered in cheap materials. No wonder cats don’t really like them!

Do you know what cats do like? Big, sturdy scratching posts that feel as stable as a tree trunk! This is why they love scratching the side of your sofa and turn up their little pink noses at the wobbly carpet-covered cardboard “post” you got them.

The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post, though, is tall and stable enough even for a cat that’s built like a linebacker. Our Editor in Chief swears by them. So, if you have a friend who’s at their wit’s end with a cat that won’t leave the furniture alone, one of these is the perfect gift.

Room with a View

Windows are the televisions of the cat world, so improve their viewing experience with a window seat!

This sturdy model can hold up to 22 pounds and the detachable cushion is easy to wash. Plus, assembly is quick and simple, so your cats will have the window seat of their dreams in no time.

A Drinking Fountain

Most cats prefer running over still water, and some absolutely love it! They might even beg their owners to turn on the faucet so they can drink from it.

That’s why a drinking fountain is the perfect way to ensure your cat stays hydrated. The ceramic design of this one from iPettie looks nice and is easy to wash. It also runs quietly.

The Perfect Place for a Catnap

An orange cat in a gray felt cat cave.

Cats love to hide. They feel safe and secure in small spaces that trap their body heat and allow them to watch for threats. While your housecat might not have to contend with predators, rivals, or bad weather, her hiding instincts are still strong!

That’s why many indoor cats prefer a cat cave instead of a bed. From inside, they can still see what’s going on, but feel safely hidden. This cute felt cave is the perfect place for a cat to hang out.

Dining in Style

Since all cats need food and water bowls, why not gift some pretty ones? This set in teal and light pink is attractive and dishwasher safe.

Even better, cats love them! The oval shape means they can eat and drink without anything touching their whiskers. The raised design also makes eating and drinking more comfortable.

Easier Access with Pet Stairs

Cats like to be up high, where they can comfortably see everything around them. However, older cats might not be able to jump up and down as well as they used to. That’s why a high-quality set of pet stairs makes a great gift for an aging cat.

This set has a comfortable, nonslip foam surface that allows kitty to climb onto a sofa or bed with ease. The removable, washable cover makes it easy to keep these stairs clean.

Spa Day with Catnip Wine

Plenty of cat owners wish they could drink with their cats—and now, they can! This catnip “wine” contains catnip and salmon oil so not only does kitty get a little catnip-buzz but they get a healthy coat out of it too!

Catnip is safe and fun for cats, while owners will love seeing its effects. Make the gift even better by including a bottle of real wine for the owner.

Stay Pretty with a FURminator

Cat hair is just part of life for a cat owner. But both cats and their owners will appreciate this brush that helps with the shedding process.

The FURminator is an essential tool, especially for long-haired cats. It reaches down to the undercoat and removes loose hair comfortably. Plus, a brushing session is a great way to bond with your cat.

A Self-Warming Bed

Cats love to be warm. However, electric pads and beds, while generally safe, still come with the inherent risk of, you know, combining electricity and pets. A self-warming bed is like a regular pet bed, with an emphasis on heat retention and reflection.

The thermal insert reflects your cat’s body heat and keeps it close, making winter nights extra cozy for your kitty!

A Kitty Jungle Gym

From playtime to naptime, a cat tree has countless uses. With perches, scratching surfaces, sleep spaces, and multiple levels, it’s a gift all cats will treasure!

This one by Go Pet Club comes in cool black and white and will look nice in your home. Your cats might be too busy to thank you, but you’ll definitely appreciate it.

Check on Kitty While You’re Away

A little girl standing next to a gray cat on a shelf behind a pet camera.

A pet camera is a gadget every traveling pet owner should have. Not only does it allow you to visually check in on your cats, but there’s also two-way communication. Some cats actually meow when they hear their owner’s voice through a camera.

It also has some great extras, like sound and motion alerts to detect any unusual activity, and a live vet chat for any health questions. With this camera, cat owners can travel with peace of mind and check in at any time.

Schedule Feedings

Smart feeders are also a great thing for traveling pet owners to have. For many cats, a feeding schedule promotes a healthy weight. With a smart feeder, cat owners can automate the process—no more getting up early or rushing home for feeding time.

This feeder also has an app, so you can remote feed from anywhere. It even has a recorded voice message option to let cats know it’s time to eat.

A Robot Vacuum

Again, when you have a cat, hair is everywhere. A robot vacuum will cut down your sweeping time. It also makes an excellent, thoughtful gift for any pet owner in your life.

This quiet, effective vacuum takes all the effort out of cat-hair cleanup. It connects via Wi-Fi and pairs with an app for easy control. For some cats, it’s also a toy! They might spend hours chasing this mysterious creature!

Whether you’re a cat owner or you know someone who is, these gifts are perfect for both furry felines and their humans. Give the gift of healthy habits and lots of bonding opportunities with one or more of the items on this list!

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