This Is the Element All ’90s Dream Homes Had to Have

Kevin McCallister (Macauley Culkin) on a sled at the top of the stairs in 'Home Alone.'
Hughes Entertainment/20th Century Fox

If you’re a ’90s movie aficionado, you likely recall a plethora of famous feature-film homes from that era. And there was one element all ’90s dream homes had to have.

If you’re wracking your brain trying to think of some of those memorable home designs, you can rest easy. Apartment Therapy put together a list of 10 elements nearly all your favorite fictional ’90s homes had. However, one of these features tends to stand out more than the others: a grand staircase, which almost always played a major role in the film.

For example, there’s Cher and Josh’s iconic kiss on the stairs in Clueless, Kevin’s stair-sledding adventure in Home Alone. Of course, you can also count Laney Boggs’ descent on the stairs after her makeover in She’s All That. And who could forget the epic staircases in Casper?

A quality ’90s movie home just wasn’t complete with a staircase.

But what are the other elements? You can check out the full list of ’90s dream home must-haves over at Apartment Therapy.

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