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Peel, Slice, and Core Apples in Seconds with This Fun Gadget

A woman using a table-top apple peeler to core and peel apples for a pie.
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The time for casseroles, pies, and all the comfort foods is here, but behind all those cozy meals is a lucky guy or gal who has to prepare it all.

If you find yourself working countless hours in the kitchen preparing apple desserts, you’ll love getting your hands on a fun contraption that does the work for you!

The crisp breeze that comes with fall is a subtle reminder of some of the most cherished harvest activities like apple picking, corn mazes, and so much more. Autumn is for sweatpants, blankets, and all the delicious baked goods your heart may desire.

From pies and strudels to cobblers and muffins, those lip-puckering fruits are delicious in every form. If you need a little baking inspiration, check out these five recipes to make upon return from your apple picking adventures.

An apple peeling device, attached to a wooden counter, surrounded by apples.
Cucina Pro

With the thousands of fancy kitchen gadgets available these days, it’s hard knowing which ones are worth buying. However, there is one silly-looking contraption that we love using, especially during this season, and we’ve got all the reasons why.

When you’ve got more than a few McIntoshes to prep, the CucinaPro apple corer, peeler, and slicer will become your best friend. After securing the machine to your counter, you center the stem end of your apple and firmly push it into the three prongs.

Start cranking the handle until you reach the coring hole and watch as in magically peels, cores, and slices your apple into beautiful spirals. In under a few minutes (and with only one tool), you’ll have a bowl of prepped apples ready for baking.

The chrome cast iron construction makes for a durable and reliable tool that will last years and features a suction mount base to ensure the gadget doesn’t slide on a surface. The best part is that this little guy doesn’t take up much room and is easy to clean.

No need for a peeler, paring knife, and corer anymore—this gadget does all three functions in one smooth motion without dirtying up extra kitchen tools.

So, before you get into pie-making and muffin baking mode, give your hand a break this year, and be sure to grab this convenient tool.

Emilee Unterkoefler Emilee Unterkoefler
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