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This Website Tracks Broken McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines

A McDonald's restaurant.

We’ve all been there. You pull into the drive-thru ready for your McFlurry, only to be told the machine is broken. Well, now there’s a website that tracks when McDonald’s ice cream machines are broken, so you’ll never waste a trip again.

The only downside is the machines will, in fact, still be broken. Unfortunately, you can’t fix a soft-serve machine via your phone. The app in question is brilliantly dubbed McBroken. Designed by Rashiq Zahid, 24, the site uses the feature on McDonald’s websites that shows you which items are and are not available, and then reworks it to track broken ice cream machines.

If no soft serve, McFlurries, milkshakes, or sundaes are available, the machine is evidently kaput for the day.

To try it out, just head to McBroken, which will use your location to identify nearby McDonald’s locations. Green dots represent the locations where machines are operating, while the red dots appear for those that are broken.

A map of the U.S. on McBroken showing working and broken McDonald's ice cream machines.

So, now that you can avoid the disappointment of having to go ice cream-less, be sure to thank Zahid by giving him a donation so he can keep the site up and running.

[Via Elite Daily]

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