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Holiday 2020: 15 Studio Ghibli Gifts for Any Anime Fanatic

Studio Gibli themed gifts from left to right: a lanyard, a tote bag, and a thermos.
G-Ahora/Cedmon/Big Fun

For the last 30 years, Studio Ghibli has been creating some of the most powerful and gorgeous anime films in the world. If you’re shopping for someone who’s in love with the Ghibli universe, we’re brimming with suggestions.

Calcifer Pancake Pan

If Howl’s Moving Castle tops your friend’s list of favorite Ghibli hits, she’ll love spending her weekends whipping up pancakes with this Calcifer pan. This adorable fire demon skillet will keep your friend’s castle moving early in the morning, with no worries about burning the bacon.

The Art of Spirited Away

If it’s the gorgeous work of Hayao Miyazaki your friend loves, he’ll adore diving into this one-of-a-kind illustrated book. It displays the exceptional work that went into creating the film Spirited Away.

It provides a firsthand look at the hand-drawn form used to create some of the most enchanting tales of our time. Each of the storyboards displays the passion Miyazaki pours into his craft.

Fans will especially admire his use of pencil and watercolor as they explore the story development in this behind-the-scenes book.

The Art of Spirited Away

A behind-the-scenes look into the gorgeous work of Hayao Miyazaki.

Ghibli Vinyl Wall Clock

With so many excellent films created by one studio, it’s impossible for many fans to choose a favorite. This vintage wall clock is made from an old vinyl record and features details from some of the most popular Ghibli films.

These include Totoro, Catbus, and the soot sprites from My Neighbor Totoro, No-Face from Spirited Away, and JiJi from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Spirited Away Teacup

A light gray tea cup, covered with images from the hit film Spirited Away, Japanese and English words translated.

Your recipient can learn Japanese over a hot cup of tea with this lovely, authentic Japanese Spirited Away teacup. It has various characters and objects from the film engraved on the side.

Totoro Canvas Zippered Tote

Your friend will love carrying this lovely Totoro canvas zippered bag. It’s perfect for grocery shopping and can also be used as an everyday handbag or even a diaper bag.

Princess Mononoke Lanyard

A lanyard makes a great stocking stuffer that’s practical for work and everyday use. This one features characters from one of Ghibli’s most captivating films, Princess Mononoke.

The fabric is soft and comfortable around the neck. It also has a metal clasp that’s perfect for an ID badge or a set of keys.

Throw Pillow Covers

Your anime-loving friend can add a little jazz to their boring bedroom comforter with these cutesy throw pillow covers. Measuring 18 x 18 inches, they’re made of a cotton-linen blend and come in 29 fun designs.

You can choose either one or a set of two featuring the enchanting character Totoro.

Watercolor Movie Prints

Six watercolor prints, including scenes from Studio Ghibli fims like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle, Laputa: Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke.
Unframed Pop Prints

What many fans find most appealing about Studio Ghibli’s films is the gorgeous artwork. This set of six watercolor prints features bright imagery with a minimalistic appeal that’s perfect for any office or room.

Baron Music Box From Whisper of the Heart

Whisper of the Heart is another charming fantasy film that isn’t quite as popular as other Ghibli classics, but it still portrays the lovely work of Miyazaki and director Yoshifumi Kondo.

If your friend happens to be in the fan club for this movie, then he or she will recognize the realistic and finely crafted baron replica, who is also the main character in The Cat Returns.

Your friend will love everything about this gorgeous figurine (which also plays the song “Country Road”). They’ll also adore the Luise figurine as well.

Benelic Whisper of The Heart: Baron Music Box

Fans of 'The Cat Returns' will love this baron figurine.

Crystal Pendant Necklace From Castle in the Sky

If your friend loves the 1986 classic Castle in the Sky, they’ll immediately recognize this crystal necklace worn by Sheeta in the film. Your Ghibli fan will love wearing this magical pendant necklace, and they can even learn the spells taught by Sheeta’s grandmother in the film.

BENELIC Flying Stone holder's Flying Stone

This crystal necklace might give the wearer magical powers.

Soot Sprite Slippers

Quality slippers and socks always make excellent Christmas gifts, especially when there’s a special meaning behind them. If your Ghibli lover often fills their home with imaginary creatures such as soot sprites, then these adorable slippers will make a fantastic present.

Totoro: Dust Bunny - Makkurokurosuke- Slippers (Pair)

Soot Sprite Slippers will warm those toes in style!

Entryway Key Holder

Your friend will love decorating her foyer with this lovely and subtle Totoro key hook. It holds more than just keys, though—the manganese steel can hold up to 35 pounds.

It’s perfect for organizing dog leashes, hats, scarves, or purses while simultaneously bringing style to any space. It also makes a sweet addition to any child’s Totoro room, or would even look great in a bathroom to hold towels or robes.

Kiki’s Delivery Service Necklace

Kiki’s Delivery Service is another fantastic tale about a young witch who uses her broom-flying skills to fly to a new town and earn a living. In this whimsical film, you quickly fall in love with her best pal and talking cat, JiJi. This cute rose gold-tone necklace is perfect for anyone who loves the film or cats in general.

No Face Water Bottle

A water bottle is another excellent gift, especially when it’s detailed with something your giftee loves. This one features No-Face from Spirited Away, and anyone who adores the film will recognize this little guy from a mile away.

It also features a safety lock and keeps hot beverages hot, and cold drinks cold. It holds up to 280 ml.

Ponyo Picture Book

Ponyo is a charming tale about a sweet and curious goldfish who lives in the sea but gets washed up to the surface. A young boy named Sosuke finds her, and they become the best of friends.

The two friends go on an incredible journey in the film, and now, you can read all about it in this bright and colorful children’s book.

Ponyo Picture Book

An enchanting tale young children will love.

There are so many beautiful gifts inspired by classic anime that you’re sure to find something any fan will love!

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